From Genroh Den:


He is "the former leader" of the Mt. Reikaku bandits which Tasuki keeps bringing up in the anime/manga. A very cool guy; like Tasuki, only much more mature (which makes him completely unlike Tasuki… ^^;) A very handsome, smart, and respectable leader, but he has bad health…


The "love interest" of Tasuki’s novel, but it’s she and not Tasuki who does the "loving" ^_- A very feisty girl who belongs to another gang of bandits, but she takes a liking to Tasuki and Kouji (though mainly Tasuki ^_-) She kind of reminds me of Yusura from Appare Jipangu (in personality and character design)

From Shoryuu Den:

Oh Koran

Oh, Koraaaaan! Oh, Koraaaan!… ^^;; She greatly resembles Chichiri’s dead fiancee, and even has the same name! (talk about your weird coincidences…) Her character is interesting in a way because it sort of provides insight to the late-Koran’s character. She also saves Chichiri’s life when he was trying to kill himself.

Ryuu Shuusei

Koran’s childhood friend and her current lover, but he is drafted into Kutoh’s military and has to leave her. In many ways, he resembles Chichiri’s late-friend, Hikou. And in the same way, he and Chichiri sort of get caught in a love triangle with the current Koran…. Sheesh, they might as well’ve just written a book about Chichiri, Hikou, and Koran ^_^;

From Yukiyasha Den:


A rather stuck-up little snot, but a good girl underneath. She is one of the prettiest girls in her village and has the hots for Saihitei (Hotohori). She is VERY attached to her older brother, Tenbun, and because of the attention Tenbun gives Korin (Nuriko), she gets jealous of Korin, but in the end, is very noble…


Byakuren’s older brother…. Not much to say about him ^^;


A gay transvestite, who looks like Mitsukake in a freakish way O_o;; A very funny character (every story needs comic relief ^_-).

From Ryuusei Den:

Sho Tessoh

He is the leader of a group of guerrillas. Very young and yet a fantastic and fierce leader (remind anyone of Nakago? ^_-). He fights for a noble cause and while he is a killer, he’s still a good man. He adopted Toka as his own sister and took on Suboshi.

Shin Toka

A victim of an attack from Kutoh’s military. Her parents were killed in that attack and she had given up all hope, until Tessoh rescued her. She still holds a grudge inside of her, but she takes a liking to Amiboshi when the two of them meet in the remains of her village.

Chama Lee

A foreigner of some sort (it’s never stated exactly where he comes from, but he seems sort of Asian and sort of Indian…). Tessoh’s right hand man and advisor (though he’s just a boy). He is also Suboshi’s bunkmate and "friend".

From Suzaku Hi Den:

Shu Tendo

Ahhhhh!! This is the cutest guy Watase Yuu has ever drawn!!! Hahahahahaaaaaaaaa!!!! (except maybe Takumi from Couple… ^^;;) He’s Houki’s childhood friend and secretly wants to marry her, but then Houki is summoned to the harem (Hotohori’s harem). It turns out he also has a special mark and powers, (which I think is dumb…God, the Hotohori novel was so weird… ^^;)

From Seiran Den:

Gi Koyuu

The Shogun of Kutoh’s army until Nakago takes over. There is MUCH MORE to his character, but it gives away the climax of Seiran Den, so I’ll put it at the very bottom of this page after lots of spoiler space in case you want to read my translation of the novel first ^_-


After further contemplation over her name, it might be "Tarlia" (since the "a" is a long vowel…), but I romanized it as "Taria" in the translation, so whatever ^_^; Anyway, she’s Nakago’s childhood friend and wanted to marry him, but her wish was never granted…

From Eikou Den (the sequel to the manga):

Sakaki Mayo

The main character of the Fushigi Yuugi sequel. She comes from Miaka’s world and was in love with Taka and is jealous of Miaka. She’s an insecure girl in general, actually. Promising in sports, but her parents are about to get a divorce and she becomes bitter and grumpy and…well, a teenager ^_-;; It is predictable, though, that she and Keisuke wind up together…

From Shugyoku Den:

Sai Fuuka

After her village was invaded by soldiers from Kutoh, Yuuma rescued her and the two became brother-sister. She is very strong and acts and talks like a boy, but she is a sweet girl underneath who cares about the prosperity of Konan and who has a beautiful singing voice (her name means "song in the breeze")

Sai Yuuma

Fuuka’s "brother". Ever since he was little, he considered himself to be Sou Kishuku’s (Tamahome’s) rival, and was the one who gave Tamahome the nick-name "Obake-chan" (Monster-boy). He resents Tamahome for being a Suzaku Seishi because he is so weak and yet Fuuka still has hope in him and seems to care more about Tamahome than her own "brother".

Kyou Bihou

The daughter of a very rich (soon to be bankrupt) merchant. She is stuck-up and cares only about beautiful clothes and beauty in general. She takes a liking in Tamahome when he rescues her from one of Miboshi’s monsters, and appoints him as her body-guard.

Kyou Senmei

Bihou’s father. All his other daughters are gone and married, and his beloved wife died after she gave birth to Bihou, so he treasures Bihou -his only daughter left. He’s still a little corrupt, though…

From Oumei Den:

Myo Keiyu

Mitsukake’s father. A well-respected doctor of a poor village along the riverbank. He is a doctor because he loves to heal people and he believes in healing their souls as well as their bodies… but he does not believe in charging money to those who can’t afford it.

Goh Zenkai

The other doctor of the village… Only he uses exclusive, new drugs from the capital of Konan and charges very high fees. He mostly treats the people on the rich end of the village and hates Keiyu for having so much respect. He’s secretly trying to ruin Keiyu’s business…

Goh Kyuushin

Zenkai’s only son. He’s technically the heir to his father’s doctor-business, but he’s no good at it and instead wants to be an artist ^_^. He’s very beautiful and kind.


Shouka’s servant. She’s bright and cheerful and is interested in Kyuushin.


Shouka’s cat ^-^. It’s implied that she might be Tama’s mother…

From Yuuai Den:


One of the last members of the "Night Tribe", a tribe that was cursed long ago for trying to use the moon’s powers to take over the world. They are supposed to be good until God forgives them, but Karuza hates this "rule", and is especially torn when he falls in love with Shifang…


Karuza’s little sister. Unlike her brother, she patiently waits God’s forgiveness. She still feels sad about the "rule" as well, though, especially when she falls in love with none other than…Chiriko ^-^;

From Sanbou Den:


A boy who was abandoned as a baby and adopted by an elderly lady who worked in a circus. He learned how to be a trick knife thrower and became a popular act in the circus himself, but was abused by the head of the circus after his adoptive "mother" died.


The elder of two sisters who were sold to the circus by their debt-ridden parents. She performs acrobatics with her sister and is the optimistic and encouraging one of the trio. Raimon has just about always been in love with her and she with him, but naturally, nothing's happened yet… Incidentally, her name means some sort of Chinese blossom (the kind that turns into fruit)


Karin's little sister (by one year). Unlike her gentle sister, she is very spunky, outspoken, and a bit crass… so it's no wonder she falls for Tasuki ^^; And her name means "apricot" (and for you GTO fans, it's written with the same kanji as "Anko" from GTO…yeah, forgot to mention her name also means "apricot". Hooray for apricots!)

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