"Is it really true that you're the seven Gentbut Shiritial Wartiers?"
—Darutai to Takiko

Darute is a very young girl from Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden. She is a little girl whom Tomite rescues from a fire. When no one else will take in Tomite and Takiko, her family gives them a place to stay out of gratitude. Darute's mother, Maijin, is a kind yet meek woman, but a grateful host fo the Priestess. Darute's grandfather is a weaponsmith to creates a Naginata for Takiko. Her father, however, is skeptical of the warriors and thinks they might have started the fire in the first place, although his wife disagrees with him. Thinking for his family's safety, Darute's father sells out the warrior's location to Shigi and Hien.

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