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Einosuke Okuda

Einosuke Okuda

Einosuke Okuda (Einosuuke Okuda) is Takiko's father from Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden. He is first mentioned in the original anime and manga. He is a famous journalist and novelist with obsession with The Universe of the Four Gods, so he searched for it and then begins to translate it. He does not get along with Takiko and even when his wife, Yoshie is on her deathbed, he comes to her side, but he translating the book.

Takiko was understandably VERY angry at how Einosuke was working to the point of not being by Yoshie's side when she perished, so she took the book and started to let out her bottled-up anger at her father, loudly calling him out for his neglection and for not even wanting a daughter to start with. At this last point, Einosuke gasped a "Yes" and Takiko exploded even more - she tried to tear the book apart but instead its magic worked on her and then sucked her in.

When Einosuke took the book and checked on it, he realized that the words on its pages were very different from what he wrote and that the material has magical powers. Being the one who knows the most about the book itself, and realising that Takiko's hair ribbon was stuck between its pages and thus it worked as a link between the two, he kept reading the book to keep Takiko in close pursuit.

It's revealed that the actual reason why he was so obsessed with the book is that he believed it held the clues to save Yoshie's life, but became so singleminded in his decision to find out said clues that his search became a complete obsession. As such, he soon isolated himself of the wife he wanted to save and the daughter he didn't even want in the past.

Towards the end of the manga, Takiko was not only very ill with the same tuberculosis that killed her mother, but she was being devoured by Genbu from the inside. Einosuke then takes a fatal decision: to commit suicide and, with aid of the Book he's holding on, also mercy-kill Takiko so she won't suffer anymore. Takiko doesn't show anger when Einosuke takes a knife and stabs himself in the chest, also killing her; she tells Uruki as she lays dying in his arms that her father was trying to help her.

To everyone from the real world, save for Takao Osugi (Einosuke's assistant and the keeper of the book from then on), Einosuke Okuda snapped at some point and killed Takiko andthen himself to spare her from dying of illness. This is what Keisuke and Tetsuya found out, among other things, through their own research about The Universe of the Four Gods.

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