Title: Enemies unseen (Miezaru Teki)

Opening theme: Itooshii Hito no Tame nii

Ending theme: Tokimeki no Doukasen

Amubushed nuriko.jpg

Nuriko and the others are ambushed.

A fox-like monk reveals himself to Miaka, who was warning her that people from the rival kingdom of Kutou are after her. He disappears, leaving only his Kasa hat, as Tamahome arrives. They hear a yell and run back to find saw that all the guards Tamahome      were dead, and an unharmed Nuriko was stuck to a tree by arrows. Hopingly, Nuriko was able to dodge them. The three go to the local village Tamahome was hired to protect. In the morning, Miaka sees Tamahome leaving town and quickly wakes up Nuriko so they can follow him wherever he was going.

They soon arriv

Tamahome's sister falls down in a fever.

e in Tamahome's home village. Tamahome's father is very ill and his four younger siblings are tending the farm while Tamahome works. As he goes to leave, one of his younger sisters faints with fever and Miaka reveals herself to shout out instructions on how to treat his sister. She goes to the river to get some water, but is attacked by a group of assassins who wants her dead. Tamahome, sensing and feeling that Miaka is in danger, runs to find her, but the fox-monk saves her by using a strike of energy from within the hat he left behind. He introduces himself as Chichiri and warns Miaka that if she acts around carelessly, people around her are going to suffer unless if she acts more responsible.

When they return to Tamahome's house , they find his family and Nuriko have been tied up in wires and strangled by another assassin. Tamahome is also captured and the assassin demands Miaka let him kill her to save the others. She consents, but Chichiri, the fox-like monk, saves her and frees the others from the wires. During the battle, his Suzaku symbol and sign is revealed, "well" . Nuriko then pins the assassin and begins interrogating him but he is killed by a flurry of arrows before he can see more than that his kingdom is seeking their "Priestess of Seiryuu." Miaka, worried and concerned that Yui is the one they are searching for and not wanting to put anyone in more danger, sneaks out of the house quietly and runs off to the rival kingdom of Kutou.

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