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Title: Even if I die......... ( Inochi Hatetemo)

Opening Theme: Itooshii Hito no Tame nii

Ending Theme: Tokimeki no Doukasen

The evil mirror-Miaka steps out of the mirror, trapping Miaka there, and she walks back to camp, carrying and holding the mirror. She tries to kiss Hotohori , and tells him that she'll just stay in the book forever. Miaka then is annoyed, and that was what she wanted to say deep inside. The evil-Miaka then tells them that Nuriko is a man, not a woman . But Hotohori realizes and notices that something's wrong and says that the Miaka he knows does not act "like this". They try to fight mirror-Miaka, but she uses the mirror to suck out all the power the three of them posseses.
Trapped in the mirror

Miaka trapped in the mirror

Taiitsukun then tells Miaka to think of something to defeat the evil mirror-Miaka. Miaka then thinks that if she's a part of her, then....... .She then breaks a plate and holds out a jagged piece of it from the dinner table full of food and stabs herself deeply in the heart to wound the evil mirror-Miaka, who is a part of Miaka herself.

She's part of me

Miaka thinking about an idea to get out of the mirror

The mirror-Miaka is defeated by the three warriors, disappears, and Miaka reappears, nearly dead. Nuriko tries to heal Miaka's wound, but Tamahome said that she's a man and he would be nose-bleeding to take Miaka's shirt off to heal the wound. Nuriko interjects and says that she may be a man, but at heart, he is a woman. In the real world, Yui is also wounded and covered in blood. Yui and Miaka talk while Miaka is between life and death, and Yui says to Miaka to live, and hear those people's voices reaching out to her. Miaka then sees a paradise, but returns to the world of the four gods. Taiitsukun reveals herself to the group, and tells them she can get Miaka home.

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