1. The Death of Nuriko. Definitely the saddest moment of the series, bar none!(episode 33)
  2. Hotohori's attempts to stir Houki and hug Boushin in his spirit form (OVA 2 Episode 2)
  3. The death of Hotohori (Episode 48)
  4. Tamahome discovers his murdered family (Episode 26)
  5. Mitsukake sacrifices his life to heal the wounded soldiers and sick children (Episode 47)
  6. Mitsukake faces Shouka and is forced to end her existance to protect Miaka and the others (Episode 16)
  7. Nakago's death montage - his memories of being a child (Episode 52)
  8. Chiriko's suicide (Episode 37(?)
  9. Suboshi and Amiboshi's final parting (Episode ?)
  10. Chichiri's re-encounter with his old friend Hiko (OVA 2 Episode 8/Episode 5)

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