Amiboshi and his flute

Seiryuu Celestial Warrior who disguised as a Suzaku Celestial Warrior Amiboshi's trademark in battle and everyday life is his flute. It is his source of his own powers. It can play threat songs and can kill an enemy, but it can also play very good music.


First, Miaka heard a mysterious tune played on a flute while she was sleeping. Everyone told her to be quiet, since nobody got some rest since they got to the inn. But Hotohori stands by Miaka's side and tells them that if Miaka that if Miaka says it's a flute, then it's a flute. They all go outside, and were ambushed by bats sent by a Kutou bandit. Amiboshi and the flute enter, playing a song, forcibly breaking the bandit's head and killing all the bats which threatend them.

It was used most of the time, playing warming and relaxing songs in the palace, and when Chichiri asks someone to break the barrier through Mitsukake's cat, Tama. He a song once again to break the forcefield created by Nakago .

Then it seen next when Miaka and the others returned from Kutou, unable to win back Tamahome . Amiboshi asks the favorites song of Miaka, but Miaka says modern and contemporary songs Amiboshi can't recognize, so he just plays a peaceful song.


Amiboshi remains loyal until the fated day of the ceremony. It was all Amiboshi's flute that almost smashed their heads. Amiboshi reveals that he was a Seiryuu warrior. He plays a song that almost crushed Miaka and the warrior's heads, but the real seventh Suzaku warrior, Chiriko , whistles with a blade of grass and interrupts the sound waves of the flute so Amiboshi flees. Tasuki , Tamahome and Miaka go after him. Then Amiboshi drowned in the river, yet Miaka held out her hand but Amiboshi just let go.

Season 2:Seiryuu

The meeting at Makan Village


Amiboshi plays his flute at Makan Village.

Amiboshi scan
He is now "Kai-ka" because he is adopted by his step-father and mother in Makan Village, he took care of Miaka Yuki so much than Tamahome.