Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden Volume ==


Chapter 1:The Beginning Of A Myth          
Page 5

Chapter 2:Limdo: The Merciless Wind Slasher
Page 73

Chapter 3:Fateful Resolution
Page 133

Translation of "The Universe of the four 
Gods" 1

In Chinese Tradition, Seiryu, Byakka,
Suzaku and Genbu are the four Gods who 
Gaurd over the far cardinal points: East, 
West, South and North, respectively. They 
Devide the Twenty-Eight Heavenly 
consellation into four houses, with each 
God ruling over Seven Constellations.
This is the Legend of Genbu and the 
Northern Seven Constallations.

Front Cover Stars Takiko with Her Hakama And Naginata with Uruki (Male) with the Universe of The Four Gods

Chapter Covers

Chapter 1


Chapter 2


                                 Chapter 3


When School Girl Takiko Okuda attempts to Destroy her Farthers Translation of the Universe of thr Four Gods, She is instead sucked into the story becomeing The Priestess of Genbu in an Epic Journey to find the Seven Cellestial

In her First encounter she meets a mysterious outlaw Limdo, A Celestial
Warrior with the Tatto of the Chinese character for "Woman" on his chest,
Limdo can not only summon the Wind as one of his special abilities, but he canalso transform into a Woman.

Takiko Meets up with the bowman, Chamka, who is hunting Limdo. It seems Chamka
is one of the seven Celestial Warriors as well...


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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