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1. Itooshi Hito No Tame Ni 3:11

Plays during the last episode. Slow variations include when Miaka is on her way for the first time back to the real world.

2. Prologue - Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho (Book of the Four Heavenly gods) 1:02

Plays during the summary of the last episode.

3. Miaka ROMANTIC 3:08

One of Miaka's themes, this song plays on majority of the scenes, especially scenes focused on Tamahome and Miaka, and sometimes Hotohori.

4. Winner 5:03

Plays during the 32-33rd episode and on future episodes.

5. Suzaku No Densetsu 2:34
6. Suzaku Shichi Seishi - Sono Yuush 3:39
7. Tamahome -Sassouto Rou 4:33

Plays on scenes focused solely on Tamahome and/or his family.

8. Miaka ACTION! 1:26

Plays when Miaka is put into action. Another of Miaka's themes.

9. Wakate Ita Hazu 5:02

Plays on Episodes 10, 18, 28, 40, 43, 45, 47.

10. Hotohori 2:31

One of Hotohori's musical themes. Plays on scenes whenever he appears, in the palace or in contact.

11. Serikuru Shikaku Shikaku 2:21

Played on comedic scenes and one some few thrillers.

12. Shuurai! Seiryuu Shichi Seishi 4:29

The Seiryuu Warriors' theme, which plays when they appear/fight.

13. Seiiwo no Muneni 1:43

Plays during the break of Miaka's heart when Tamahome is controlled by Kudoku. Trumpet/Piano/Electric guitar version of Miaka Romantic.

14.Tokimeki No Doukasen 4:24

Full version of ending.

15. Itooshi Hito No Tame Ni (TV SIZE) 1:31

OPening version.

16. Tokimeki No Doukasen (TV SIZE) 2:14

Opening version.

17.Inoru Youni Anata o Aishiteru

Vocal version of Miaka ROMANTIC.

Miaka's first theme song.

18. I wish...

Yui's theme song which is first heard in a musicbox.

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