The timeline of events of the original Fushigi Yuugi series.

200 years prior to the series

90 years prior to the series

The Series

Suzaku Hi Den and Yukiyasha Den starts at this point.

Season 1

  • Miaka and Yui are taken inside the book.
  • Miaka finds the warriors while Yui is in the Kutou palace
  • Miaka and Yui meet again, now as enemies
  • Tamahome is poisoned by Kudoku
  • The Summoning ceremony fails and Chiriko is revealed to be the Seiryuu warrior Amiboshi
  • Amiboshi is assumed to be dead after drowning in a river
  • The Suzaku Warriors set on a journey to Hokkan in search for the Shinzaho

Suzaku Hi Den

  • While the warriors embark on their journey, Hotohori meets his elder brother Shu Tendo, and marries You Houki after Tendo is killed
  • Shu Tendo, The Suzaku King is proclaimed and Seirin Village is renamed the "Suzaku Village"

Season 2

  • The warriors search for the Shinzaho in Hokkan
  • Tamahome meets Yui briefly
  • Nuriko dies along with Ashitare in Mt. Kokureishin
  • The warriors meet two of the Genbu Warriors, Tomite and Hikitsu and they obtain Genbu's Shinzaho
  • Ashitare's wolf form snatches the relic from Miaka
  • In deep confusion, Miaka and the warriors in search for the other Shinzaho
  • Subaru and Tokaki are met
  • Yui manages to get the Byakko Shinzaho and summons Seiryuu, while Miaka and the others depart back dangerously to Konan Palace

Last Episodes

  • Nakago arrives in the real world and is defeated by Tamahome
  • Suzaku is summoned and the warriors go back to the book with Konan unsaved.
  • Tamahome appears in the real world reincarnated as Taka Sukunami

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