Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden (ふしぎ遊戯 玄武開伝), roughly translated as The Mysterious Play: Legend of Genbu, is the prequel of the main series Fushigi Yugi, written by the same author Yuu Watase. Within the Four Gods Universe, Genbu Kaiden begins two hundred years before the original series, and it tells the story of Takiko Okuda and the Genbu warriors. In a much darker and more serious sense, it delves deeper on Fushigi Yuugis backstory and the legend of Genbu's summoning. It also elaborates on Kutou's previous history as Hokkan's rival, and how the Okuda family struggled to put an end to the book's curse.

The manga premiered in Japan in 2003, and has since published 11 volumes by far. It has been announced that Volume 12 will be the final book, scheduled to be release by early summer of 2013. 

The story has now reached its conclusion with Chapter 40 as the final chapter which was released last February 14, 2013 in Japan.


It's 1923 in Japan, a seventeen year-old girl named Takiko Okuda is living with her sick mother after recently moving to a small village. Her father, which rarely comes home, visits one day, much to Takiko's surprise. He was recently working on something called "The Universe of the Four gods" and even after returning home, is completely obsessed with the book. Her mother soon passes away and Takiko becomes angry at her father for ignoring and giving them almost no attention. These feelings, paired with her feelings of loneliness and uselessness at being rejected both in love and by her father, leads her to tear the book apart. However, it instead whisks her away to the country of Hokkan where all of her adventures and risks begin

This story tells more about The Universe of the Four Gods and the story of the priestess of Genbu.


Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden's manga, written and illustrated by Yuu Watase, started at 2003, and has ended last 2013.. The manga was liscensed for english by Viz Media. The manga was published by Shogakukan and the manga is currently on it's 11th volume. It has been announced that volume 12 will be the final volume.

Yuu Watase took a break from writing it due to health issues and she reveals that it would continue in the spring of 2010 and would be published by Rinka magazine.

Magazines including Fushigi Yuugi Perfect world, Sho-comi, Rinka and Monthly Flowers also publish the manga.

Drama CDs

Main article: Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden Drama CD

Video Game

Main Article: Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden Gaiden:Kagami no Miko

The game puts players in the place of Kobayashi Mariko , an original character created for the game alone , who is taken into the book through a mirror, along with her friend. While searching for her friend, Mariko is aided in her quest by Takiko and 3 of the Genbu Seven.

The game is released for PS2 in 2005, and a limited edition of the game was released on the same release date, containing an art book and a CD of interviews with the game voice actors, later released for PSP, and finally combined with Suzaku Ibun to produce Fushigi Yuugi DS for the Nintendo DS.


The story revolves around Takiko Okuda and plays in the year 1923 in the north of Japan in a town called Morioka. Takiko lives with her mother and her grandmother. Her father is an author but is seldom at home. Takiko takes care of her ill mother. She has no friends at school but is a good student. Her only friend is Takao Osugi. He is an old friend of her father. When she saw him the first time ten years ago, she fell deeply in love with him.

In a suprising moment Takiko's father returns gome. He is terribly exhausted from his journey, but barely takes a break. He starts working on the translation of a book that is written in Chinese. It's the Shijintenchisho, the book of the four gods of heaven and earth. Takiko doesn't like her father because he never seems to care about his family. When she returns from a meal with Takao Osugi she is told that her mother died. Even more than her mothers death she's pained by her father's reaction to it.

She runs out of the house followed by Takao. He hugs her to comfort her, but she suddenly confesses that she loves him. She wishes for him to be by her side, always. Takao thinks cannot fullfill her wish since he is already married and has a family. She gets herself together and says that she's a strong girl. She says farewell to Takao.

Takiko returns back home and together with her grandmother as she prepares her mother for the funeral. During that time Einosuke finally finishes his translation. His daughter storms into his room, angry as hell, because even now he isn't helping them. She takes the book out of his hands and runs away with it.

She confronts her father, but he keeps evading her questions and when he asks her to return the book she tries to rip it apart. Instead, the book opens and Takiko disappears in a bright light.

She finds herself in a hill, covered with snow.


Priestess of Genbu and the The Genbu Celestial Warriors

  • Takiko Okuda — The main protagonist of the prequel, and the priestess of Genbu who is later diagnosed with the incurable disease Tuberculosis
  • Uruki (Rimudo)— The legitimate prince of Hokkan who is hunted down as a heinous criminal his whole life, also the first Genbu warrior. Later becomes the emperor of Hokkan.
  • Tomite (Chamuka)— Tomite is a 16 year old member of the Ha Tribe. He is one of the Genbu warriors, and the second one to be found. He has the power to control ice like his friend Hikitsu.
  • Hatsui (Zaraa)— An abused and castaway child of deceased doctors. Hatsui is the third Genbu warrior to be found, after the Hagaasu kills Fen.
  • Namame — Namame is the fourth Genbu warrior in the form of a rock doll, whom Takiko and Tomite find after Oracle Anru's death
  • Hikitsu (Emutato)— Hikitsu is a 21 year old outcast member of the Kan Tribe, one of the Genbu warriors, and the fifth one to be found. He has a sister named Ayra.
  • Inami (Taruma)— Formerly a Hokkan court lady, and a brothel manager in Konan when the party finds her, she is the sixth Genbu warrior.
  • Hagaasu — The half of the seventh warrior Urumiya, working with Temudan Roun and the Kutou Special Taskforce to be reunited with his twin brother Tegu. Purposely killed himself while sheltering Tegu from harm.
  • Tegu — The other half of Urumiya, who gives the party the most important object: the scroll after being reunited with Hagassu. Formerly kept prisoner by Tegiru Roun and acted as the "protector" of Hokkan.

The Hokkan Imperial Family

  • Tegiru Roun - The crowning king of Hokkan, abuses his power by taking all of his people's living resources for his own enjoyment. Is fearful of the Genbu Warrior's powers, and goes on imprisoning Teg, then a young child whos powers had awakened, yet vulnerable, into the imperial underground dungeon, and used Teg to his advantage.
  • Temudan Roun — The elder brother and the first line to the throne of Hokkan after Tegiru. Originally the rightful candidate to inherit the throne, but he was forced to abdicate due to his incurable illness, and a false prophecy that affected both his and his son Uruki's fate drastically. He succeeded the throne for a few hours after Tegiru was overthrown. Soon was assassinated, passing the throne to Uruki.
  • Efinruka Roun - The daughter of Tegiru, Princess of Hokkan, and cousin of Uruki. Outgoing and social, and has a tomboy personality. She inspires to be a noble female king, and is concerned for the people's well being. Therefore, she despises her father's actions, and constantly sneaks out of the palace to do good and aid the weak. She believes in the Legend of Genbu, and therefore secretly works under the Odozoku to aid Takiko and the Genbu Warriors.
  • Ayura Roun - Wife of Temudan, and Uruki's mother. Afraid of her son, then newborn, to be killed by Temudan, she ordered her personal bodyguard, Tauru Wakaosa into taking Uruki onto escape. Later developes heart illness from years of grieving.

The Kutou Army



"Some Celestial Warriors despise the fact that they were born this way. Some carry their so -called "burden". But why?"

The story is set on the land of Genbu, the country of Hokkan. On its extreme weather, buildings are more developed and the land is on war with the warfric country Kutou. However, the Celestial Warriors and the legend are very differently viewed here: The Celestial warriors are despised and hated because civilians fear that their destructive power may destory Hokkan, and the Celestial Warriors themselves hate the legend. Warriors refuse to go with the priestess. But fortunately, some people support the priestess , offer them sanctuary, and others. The role of being a warrior or a priestess is very dangerous in this time. Kutou soldiers hunt warriors and the priestess, wanting Hokkan's land. Some civilians hate the legend and some civilians believe in it.

Volume Covers



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