Fushigi Yuugi is generally translated as "Mysterious Play" (sometimes "Curious Play") and chronicles the adventures of Miaka and Yui inside the book known as the Shijin Tenchishou. This is generally translated in English as "Universe of the Four Gods" although more literally it means "The Book of the Four Gods of Heaven and Earth".

The animated television series does follow the original story fairly closely up as far as volume thirteen although a few things are different. The later five volumes of manga are condensed into the second OVA, meaning that a lot of things are simplified or changed for ease of conveyance.

Episode List

1. The Girl of the Legend

2.The Priestess of Suzaku

3. The seven stars of Suzaku

4. Missing love

5. Bewildered heartbeat

6. Even if I die

7. Going home

8. Brief parting

9. Enemies unseen

10.Looking for Yui

11. Priestess of Seiryuu

12. Only you

13. For the sake of love

14. Wolf in the fortress

15. City of ressurection

16. Battle of sorrow

17. Magic flute

18. Love Trap

19. Shattered Love

20. Unreachable Hope

21. To Protect You

General Information

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