Gondora no uta

Uruki and Takiko on the boat

"Is that a song from your world? It's a pretty song."
"'s called the "Song of Gondola"."

Gondola Song ゴンドラの唄 (Gondoraa no Uta) is a song sung by Takiko in Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden in a boat with Uruki. It seemed to soothe Uruki's taste.


いのち短し 恋せよ少女 朱き唇 褪せぬ間に

熱き血潮の 冷えぬ間に

明日の月日の ないものを

inochi mijikashi koiseyo otome

akaki kuchibiru aseme mani

atsuki chishiyono hienumani

asuno tsukihino naimonowo

Life is brief. Fall in love, maidens,

Before the crimson bloom fades from your lips,

Before the tides of passion cool within you,

For those of you who know no tomorrow.

いのち短し 恋せよ少女

いざ手をとりて 彼の舟に

いざ燃ゆる頬を 君が頬に

ここには誰れも 来ぬものを

inochi mijikashi koiseyo otome

iza tewo torite kano funeni

iza moeyuru howo kimiga honi

kokoniwa daremo konumonowo

Life is brief. Fall in love, maidens,

Before his hands take up his boat,

Before the flush of his cheeks fades,

For those of you who will never return here.

いのち短し 恋せよ少女

波に漂う 舟の様に

君が柔手を 我が肩に

ここには人目も 無いものを

inochi mijikashi koiseyo otome

namini tadayou funeno yoni

kimiga yawatewo waga katani

koko niwa hitomemo naimonowo

Life is brief. Fall in love, maidens,

Before the boat drifts away on the waves,

Before the hand resting on your shoulder becomes frail,

For those who will never be seen here again.

いのち短し 恋せよ少女

黒髪の色 褪せぬ間に

心のほのお 消えぬ間に

今日はふたたび 来ぬものを

inochi mijikashi koi seyo otome

kurokamino iro aseme mani

kokorono honoo kienu mani

kyouwa futatabi tomumonowo

Life is brief. Fall in love, maidens,

Before the raven tresses begin to fade,

Before the flame in your hearts flicker and die,

For those to whom today will never return.[[Category: ]]

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