Hakurou is the previous leader of the Mt. Reikaku bandits before Eiken .

Gd p87 hakurou


The truth is that before he died, Hakurou passed on the blessed Tessen to Tasuki and Kouji. But Tasuki still believed that Hakurou will live despite the incorrigible illness, on so he left the mountain in search for a medicine to cure the leader. But when he came back, Hakurou was already dead.


Extremely different from Eiken, he sees through people in a unique manner. At first he did not let Tasuki in the mountain because of his Celestial mark, but when Tasuki pleaded, he agrees. His face is rather seen serious at times but at some points a part of him remains soft and vulnerable; he is ultimately perceptive and marvelous and is a very capable leader. Another good point in him is that he values his comrades and fellow bandits and can see easily what is right and wrong, though he sometimes makes mistakes. Hakurou made a trustworthy leader until his death and in return the bandits of Mt. Reikaku value him dearly and some even grieve for him up until now.


A fifteen-year-old boy forces his way in Mt. Reikaku. Hakurou refuses to let the boy join but his pleas

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