A map of Hokkan.

Hokkan (Houkan) is a country in The Universe of the Four gods. This country is guarded with the beast god Genbu. Its capital city is Touran. The first priestess, Takiko Okuda, traveled this area.

Hokkan is the northernmost of the four countries in the world of the Book, and by far the largest. It has a population of approximately one million people, most of whom are nomadic herders, as seen by the huge population of livestock they raise. Comparatively speaking, it covers an area three times larger than the southern country of Konan. The terrain varies greatly, with mountains in central and northern Hokkan, sweeping plains to the south, lush forests to the south-east, and barren deserts to the West, but the earth is rich with natural resources. The climate makes all these areas a harsh place to live. Winters, with the temperature plummeting to -40°C, violent winds, and long nights makes for a brutal and harsh season. Summers are hot and dry, but brief. The refreshing life that comes with Spring and Summer is a cause for celebration, and hard work to prepare for another winter.

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