Hoto si
"You, m’lady, are the chosen one. I have searched for you for a very long time. I truly believe you are the maiden who has appeared from another world..."
—Hotohori to Madoka

Hotohori is one of the playable characters in Fushigi Yuugi's DS game Suzaku Ibun. The player may choose him to end up with Madoka Ootori in the end of the game by respectively choosing to reincarnate him in the real world or agreeing to stay in Konan and become his empress.

Options and Story Alternatives

Original Fushigi Yuugi

  • Hotohori engages in the war.
  • Hotohori is killed by Nakago.

Suzaku Ibun

  • Madoka may choose to stop the war.
  • Madoka may choose to save him.
  • Madoka may choose to reincarnate him like Taka.


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