Tasuki's New Years Resolutions

Cut down my &*%(*# habit of swearing.

Learn some cool new ways to use my tessen

Sharpen my fighting skill

Always beat that little brat Tamahome

Visit Mt. Reikaku at least once in a while.

Try do drink milk for my own good

Learn how to swim (maybe not)

Be the strongest Seishi

Not die like the others

Be friendly more to girls

Kick Tamahome's a$$ at least 10x a day

Go swimming once in a while once I've learn

Try to dodge Nuriko's punches

Correct my Kansai accent

Maybe visit my sisters

Try not to get kicked by a horse again

Drink less Sake

Miaka's New Years Resolutions

Eat less food

Try not to fell in love with a character from a book

Maybe study a lot more

Don't be so emotional with Tamahome

Read more books

Nuriko's New Years Resolutions

Try not to be a cross dresser

Punch Tasuki a lot more

Don't die fighting a seiryuu seishi

Hotohori's New Years Resolutions

1. Take care of Boushin

2. Brush my hair at least 300 times a day

3. I'm perfect i don't need more resolutions

Chiriko's New Years Resolutions

1. Study hard

2. Be a president

3. Be more manly

4. Feed Tama

5. Grow a few more inches.

Somethings that they would never say

Things that Tasuki will never say:

Wow check at those hot babes!

Tamahome your my best friend ever!! Lets never fight again ok?

C'mon everybody lets hit the beach.

The beach is the best place ever it has everything that I like, sexy chicks and swimming.

I am NOT a bandit!! How many times do I have to say that!

Begs all the milk

I am afraid of fire

I love you horse

I'm sorry Tamahome

I'm allergic to Sake

Things that Miaka will never say:

No more food please!!!

Whoa!! I got an A+....

I just love studying

I hate you Tamahome!

I'm into Hotohori from now on!

Ah!!! I failed the exam.. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

I'm on a diet so I'm not eating those foods

Things that Nuriko will never say:

Hotohori you are the most ugliest person I have ever met/seen.

Who said I want to be a woman I've always been a man.

I'm gonna kill you Hotohori

Things that Hotohori will never say:

1. I know Miaka shouldn't have been the Suzaku it should've been Yui.

2. I'm the ugliest person that was ever born.

3. Miaka you suck.

4. #%*&

5. I will never hold a sword again.

6. Tasuki cut my hair please

Things that Tamahome will never say:

1. Tasuki my best mate here's 100 bucks spend it on whatever you like

2. Miaka I hate you I don't want to see you again.

3. Tasuki we aint fightin no more

4. I don't care about Miaka or money

5.Let's give out some money

Things that Chichiri will never say:

1. No Noda's Forever

2. I hate Taiitskun's place! Worst place ever.

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