Episode 22: I'll Never Leave You


Nido to Hanarenai

Episode Guide


To Protect You


Shadow of Intrigue


Tamahome and Hotohori starts their battle with Tamahome's intention of killing both Hotohori and Miaka. Hotohori gains a greater advantage in much of the fight but is distracted after realizing that Miaka escaped from her room where she should be kept. Miaka screams and while Tamahome is distracted, Hotohori runs his blade through his torso. Even in his bleeding state, Tamahome tries to kill Miaka but she kisses him and the curse was lifted. After being healed by Mitsukake, he sets out for Kutou to retrieve the scroll. Yui lets him go back with it but the Suzaku Seven  does not know that Nakago has another trap for them.

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