"Why? You said that if we do whatever you would turn us back into normal!"
—Miiru, to Tenkou

Miiru piryg

Kashimiro Miiru

Kashimiro Miiru is a mysterious character who appears in the second OVA and in the last four volumes of the manga.

Miiru is a new freshman at the college Taka, Keisuke, and Tetsuya attend. She decides to join Keisuke's Ancient Chinese Mythology Club, where she sees and reads some of The Universe of the Four gods. She believes Keisuke's story about another world inside the book, where his little sister was pulled in and became the Priestess of Suzaku. Miiru, however, is the second of the Shitennou working for Tenkou, and has the ability to use blood to control or harm people. She can plant parasites in the blood, or make dolls out of blood and use them as tools for manipulating a person's actions. Miiru is the older sister of Shigyou Renhou, and like her younger brother, was granted her powers by Tenkou and can travel between the two worlds.


She and her brother are spies of Tenkou, although they don't appear that much in the series, Tenkou however managed to recruit them because Miiru and Ren, her brother are not human although they appear human. Tenkou says that if they join forces with him, He will turn them back to a human.

Appearance and Personality

Miiru Kamishiro

Miiru Kashimiro

Miiru appears to have wavy, pale-purple hair and a very beautiful face, and wears large, round earrings. She deceives Taka with her kindness and innocence.


Miiru has a younger brother named Ren whom she loves very much. Miiru is always protective of him, and is also kind to him. The love that they have for each other is not just love between siblings, rather, it's an incestuous one. Tenkou mentioned this on both manga and anime.

Fushigi Yuugi Manga Ren and Miiru Death

Fushigi Yuugi Manga Vol. 17: Demon

Ren and Miiru Death-0

Fushigi Yuugi OVA 2, Episode 4


She first appears when Keisuuke and Tetsuya were discussing the matter that they gave them a very small room, because the only club members were the two of them and Taka.

Miiru knocks and says that she would like to be the member of the club, and Keisuuke explains about the book, that Miaka was a character in it, and Miiru believes him. Tetsuya wonders why Miiru believes him and Miiru says that he believes him, unless he is lying. Tetsuya says it's true.

She appears next when Taka was on a rush looking for Miaka , Miiru says that her body hurts, and asks Taka kindly to help her. Taka, very much obliged to help her, says that he's sorry and he can't help because he's in a hurry.

Miiru then says that it's okay and as soon Taka runs away, Miiru acts as if it's very painful. Suceeding to convince Taka to help her, they go to a secluded, unspacious place and Taka comes near her, and there was some silence. Miiru then leans closer and suddenly bites Taka's ear, turning sideways. Then blood began to flow. Miiru gives out a laugh and asks if she bit his ear to hard, she laughs again, and walks away. The reason she bit Taka's ear was to plant a demon that devours Taka.

She is seen next after Ren was injured by the scroll, Miiru and Ren are sitting next to each other as Miiru is modelling the blood doll made of Taka's life force.Miiru tells Tenkou at he enters that it will be done soon, and Tenkou tells her that it's okay and she should take her time.

She is seen again when they recover the fourth jewel, Taka and Miaka were alone in the room and Miiru suddenly appears unclothed. She carries the doll with blood, which was made of Taka's life force. Miiru plans to make Taka kill Miaka with his won hands, through the doll. Taka tells Miaka to stay away, and blasts the doll with his energy. Miiru vanishes.

Miiru shield Tenkou

Fushigi Yuugi OVA 2, Episode 4

She appears lastly when Tenkou brought Taka , appears clothed, and Nuriko shoots Hotohori's sword towards Tenkou to kill him, Tenkou grabbed Miiru's body in front of him to shield himself from the sword. Tenkou says and complains that "this is only Miiru's useful purpose".Tenkou then brought her brother, Ren also unclothed, so Miiru died here, trying to crawl near her brother, but vanishes along with Ren. The warriors showed fury against this, saying that why did he at least try to save them. Tenkou then reveals the story, of how Miiru and her brother agreed to join forces with him because they were not human. Tenkou then said that if they joined forces with him as their spy, he would turn her and her brother to human back again. But evil never keeps its promises, so when Miiru dies, Tenkou considers her a fool because of believing him to turn them back into human, although it is impossible.

Fushigi Yuugi Manga Vol- 17- Demon

Fushigi Yuugi Manga Vol. 17: Demon

Episode 6: To be with you tomorrow

In the last episode of the 2nd OVA, (last chapter of the manga), when Tenkou is banished by the Four beast gods, (Suzaku ,Seiryuu ,Genbu ,Byakko ,) Tenkou's spell had been broken, all those who transformed as demon gods are revived, and Miiru and her borther, Ren ,are back to normal.


  • No......unless he's lying.
  • But aren't you worried about......Miaka?
  • Oh,sorry. Did I bite too hard????
  • Oh, Ren......


  • Manga, Chapter 90.
  • Anime, 2nd OVA, Episode 3, 4, 6.




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