"You see, strange things have been happening since you two left. Like fake Genbus ambushing random people, and crows surrounding houses!"
—Tasuki (Eikoden)
Konan eikoden

A full view of the empire in Fushigi Yugi Eikoden

Konan (紅南国; Kounan Koku) is one of the four countries in The Universe of the Four Gods. The capital city is Eiyou. Konan, the southern country protected by the Phoenix, is a very prosperous country at the time of the series. It has generally happy and lively people. The similarities to the Phoenix are actually brought about by the Emperor Hotohori and his character; he is deeply respected and cares a lot about his country and the royalty he lives in is just immense. He is also the image of perfectionism for his subjects to look up to. Also, just like a plume's colors, Konan has everything from royalty to poverty to slave-traders and mountain gangs.


Unlike Hokkan and Sairou, and similar to Kutou, Konan rather has a tropical climate as it is a very green country. The only known seasons are spring and summer, and there is no winter; instead there are stormy and rainy seasons all throughout the year. Compared to Hokkan, Konan is hot; and compared to Sairou it is very cold.


Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden


Konan, as shown in the prequel.

" really is different from Hokkan! As expected from a foreign country."
—The warriors, arriving in Konan

Escaping the Kutou army ambush by the skin of their teeth, Hatsui, Hikitsu, Uruki, Tomite, Namame, and Takiko follow Soruen's advice to flee to Konan, who also accompanies them. Dropping off at the Eiyou brothel, Takiko and Uruki pretend to be the daughters of Tomite and starts taking customers to get in close contact with Inami, the next Genbu warrior. After they convince her the brothel starts to tumble when Ruude causes the building to catch fire. Hikitsu and Tomite rush in to stop it, and the brothel girls tell Takiko to summon Genbu and change Hokkan so that everyone could go back home.

Musical Themes

"Konan-Koku" from Eikoden Original Soundtrack
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