"Hello mister. How are you today?"
—Korin, greeting Tamahome

Kōrin, known as Tiao Kang Lin in the manga, is the younger sister of Nuriko. She is the youngest among the Chou family, and looks very much like Nuriko. She also has another older brother, Rouko, whom is the eldest.

Appearance and Personality

Although Korin does not appear very much, she has hair similar to Nuriko and as well her eyes. She is small and very gentle. Korin does not go her own individual way, she usually follows her older brother and she always smiles. Korin is the most mature-in-attidute of the three siblings.


The incident

There Korin was, still young and juvenile. Chasing after Ryuuen, her older brother (Nuriko). Ryuuen was on the other
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Ryuuen and Korin

side of the road. When Korin crossed the road, a carriage with horses run down on her.

Nuriko's feelings

After her death and the incident, Nuriko is unable to accept that Korin is dead so he decided to take Korin's place, and this is his also is reason for cross-dressing. Nuriko decided to act like Korin, dress like her, so he could still sense her prescence. Then Nuriko entered the harem, impersonating her.

Fushigi Yuugi

After Tamahome is nearly defeated by Nakago in the real world, a wedding (only a day dream by Tamahome ) occured on the story line. Everyone who was dead were there, and also the Suzaku warriors were there. It was preparing for Tamahome and Miaka's wedding. Korin makes a minor appearance there along with Nuriko, saying hello to Tamahome and asking how is he. She introduces herself as Korin, Nuriko's younger sister.


  • Hello, mister. How are you today?
  • I'm Nuriko's younger sister, Korin.



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