"Knock knock. Who's there? It's Kouji. Kouji who? Genro's buddy,that's who.Oh great come right on in! Thank you."
—Kouji and Tasuki
Kouji 2


Full Name Kouji

Gender Male
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Brown

Additional Information
Beast God Suzaku
Title Bandits Leader
Rank Leader
Occupation Bandits

Real World
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 13
Created by Yuu Watase
Voiced by Tomokazu Seki
Other Information
Fushigi Yuugi

Kouji is one of the Mt. Reikaku bandits. He chose to be the leaders of the bandits while Tasuki and the other warriors are on the journey to find the other warriors of Suzaku and to summon the beast god.


Tasuki Koji jpg

He has a fair but kind of brownish skin color, contrasting with the basic blue hair of his with two little, long streaks topped down.

Personality Kouji appears to be the most mature of all the bandits aside from Tasuki, but immediately when he sees Tasuki, the both of them shake elbows and spin around like idiots, even during a war or emergency, causing Miaka to call them dancers.


He first appears when Nuriko, Hotohori , and Miaka ended up bound, kidnapped and brought to Mt. Reikaku . Kouji led Miaka to Eiken, where she was nearly raped. Hotohori and Nuriko rescue her and force the bandit to tell them of the Suzaku Warrior among the bandits, and he is tortured by Nuriko until he tells them that it is Tasuki. However, just before Eiken can tell them who Tasuki was, Miaka is carried off by a young man whom Eiken calls Genrō and who escapes using talismans that summoned phantom wolves. Genrō brings Miaka to a secret place, where they are soon joined by. Miaka learns that Genrō was meant to be the bandit leader, and promises to help them, if in return they will help her find Tasuki. They fight with the rest of the bandits, and soon Tamahome mysteriously appears to help them. Tasuki finally becomes what he was meant to be – the bandits' leader – and attains the tessen, a magical fan that emitted fire through a spell. Miaka approaches Tamahome, but Tamahome vanishes, and Miaka is distraught to learn that he was only a phantom, summoned by one of Genrō's talismans on which Miaka herself had written Tamahome's name.He later appears in the war between Konan and Kutou, Kouji offers to be of service by letting the Mt. Reikaku bandits to fight the Kutou soldiers, because Kutou's army is three times larger than Konan's. There they fight in the war.

First OVA

"Hey! You're doing this the hard way. Where are your cannonballs and force blasts?!"
—Kouji in the first OVA
He is last seen in the first OVA, now the bandit leader in Tasuki's place. When Tamahome suddenly gained Nakago 's mark, and the bandits rushed after him, including Kouji. Tamahome was suspected to lay waste to Mt.Reikaku, which was done by Nakago in the war between Konan and Kutou.
OVA kouji

When he was defeated, Tamahome was telling him that's he's Tamahome and not Nakago. However, Kouji didn't believe  him. He believes that Nakago killed Tasuki 1 year ago. Which made Tamahome wonder what's going on as he thought it's been 50 years.

When Kouji attacks Tamahome again. Tamahome used his powers to defeat him. It was never shown what happened to him.



Knowing Tasuki since childhood , he is the only one of the bandits who does not want to lay a finger on Miaka, Hotohori, and Nuriko. Kouji disliked Tasuki at first, when he joined the Mt.Reikaku bandits, but they grew very close. It was also approved that the leadership of the bandits are to be jointly taken by him and Tasuki.


  • Tasuki!!!!! Long time, NO see!!!!!!
  • Knock knock. Who's there? Its Kouji. Kouji who? Genro's best buddy that's who. Come right in. Thank you.

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