Title: Magic Flute

Romaji: Meguriai no Ne

Kana: めぐり逢いの音[ね]

Opening theme: Itooshii Hito no Tame Nii

Ending theme: Tokimeki no Doukasen


Episode 19: Magic Flute



Meguriai no Ne

Episode Guide


Battle of sorrow


Love Trap

Five days had passed since Miaka had found Mitsukake, and since then, she and her Warriors have been searching for the final Suzaku Warrior. A song is played mysteriously upon a flute—even more mysterious is that it was something only Miaka could hear. When Miaka and company venture out, they arrive at Hakkō village, Tamahome's home village. Mitsukake heals Tamahome's father, and all six of them are invited to stay in Tamahome's home. Before Miaka sleeps, she is notices bats outside the window, and a Kutou spy is watching her. In Kutou, meanwhile, Yui had been attending to Tamahome, who had been asleep for the last five days. Yui reveals to Tamahome her feelings and tells him to forget about Miaka, but Yui advances no further upon Tamahome's bewildered remark. Back in Hakkō, Miaka is awakened by the same song she had heard that morning, leading her to go outside when it stops. She is attacked by bats, and even as Hotohori and Tasuki come to her aid, they continue to be devoured by the bats. The flute is played again, killing all of the bats and the Kutou spy and saving them. The flute player was revealed to be Chiriko, the final Suzaku Warrior. They return to Konan the next day, where they are welcomed by Chichiri and Tasuki, Mitsukake and Chiriko learn for the first time that Hotohori is the emperor. With both Tamahome and the Universe of the Four Gods still in Kutou, they have yet another thing to accomplish, to which Chichiri provides a solution: a spell that would connect from Konan to Kutou, allowing Miaka to speak to the imprisoned Tamahome. Miaka is overjoyed upon seeing Tamahome again.

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