As Tamahome tends to Miaka's leg, Miaka asks him if he loves Nuriko. Tamahome then laughs and calls her jealous, and says he wants money more than love. Nuriko then, listening and hiding behind a tree , overhears them. Later, Nuriko asks Miaka to search for a lost earring by the lake in the dark becuase al the other maidens are afraid and it is a valuable family heirloom . Hotohori is being criticised by his advisors about not taking an Empress near the lake. Miaka and Hotohori meet in the bridge , and he offers to order Nuriko to behave, and Miaka disagrees , she'd rather become Nuriko's   friend, and she is able to get along with her anyway . Miaka falls in the lake, and gets caught in the weeds. Nuriko gloats that she sent Miaka on a false errand and tricked her.While Nuriko's other maidens were laughing at this,
Episode 4 nuriko piey

Nuriko eavesdropping

Tamahome overhears and Nuriko reveals she's in love with Hotohori Tamahome then went angry at Nuriko about sending her on a false errand.

Miaka comes back from the pond.Nuriko then slaps Miaka and Miaka slaps her back , and they make friends and Miaka promises to put in a word for Nuriko with Hotohori . Hotohori tells Miaka that he's only ever loved the priestess of Suzaku , but he senses Tamahome and Nuriko listening in, brings out his sword, and breaks the wall.Hotohori then reminds them that they have special exeptions of entering his bedroom, and the two if them dances and makes faces while singing. Hotohori then proposes to Miaka.The next morning both Tamahome and Nuriko are cold to Miaka, and she follows them to the market.

Tamahome then has to earn money. Tamahome tries to sell some of Miaka's bubblegum, but the crowd said that evidence was relevant, so Miaka reveals herself. The crowd goes wild and th
Tamahomeeou ho3-tug

Tamahome rejects Miaka's feelings for him.

ey have to escape quickly. Later, a gang set upon them and Tamahome and the gang leader haggle over a price for Miaka. , and Tamahome and the gang fight over the prices. Miaka and Tamahome fights the gang and win, but Miaka is furious at Tamahome for rescuing her, and as well as using her to make him rich. Then Miaka tells Tamahome she loves him, but is rejected by Tamahome, saying, "Sorry, but I don't feel the same . Miaka then falls down in a fever .

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