This page is listed with Music from Fushigi Yuugi.

Original Title English Title Description
Itooshii Hito no Tame ni For the Sake of My Beloved Opening Theme
Tokimeki no Doukasen Fuse of Excitement Ending Theme
Yo ga Akeru mae ni Before the Day Breaks OAV1 Opening Theme
Ashita no Watashi wo Shinjitai I Want to Believe in the Me of Tomorrow OAV1 1st Ending Theme
Ashita wa ii hi ni naru Tomorrow Will be a Better Day OAV1 2nd Ending Theme
Star Star OAV2 Opening Theme
Yume Kamo Shirenai Maybe a Dream OAV2 Ending Theme
Chijou no Seiza Constellations of the Earth OVA3 Eikouden Opening Theme
YES - Koko ni Eien ga Aru Yes! Here is where Eternity Lies OVA3 Eikouden Ending Theme

Drama CD Songs

Original Title English Title Description
Deai no PEEJI Kara Deai no PEEJI Kara
Eien no Hikari Eternal Light Tamahome song
Fushigi No Tobira ~Open The Wonderland~ Mysterious Door ~Open The Wonderland~ Miaka Song
Futatsu no Kodou Two Beats Amiboshi/Suboshi song
Ito Chiisaki Negai The Smallest Wish Chiriko song
Itsuka Aeru Kara Because We'll See Each Other Again Someday Miaka song
Kami yo, Rekishi Kaete Kure Please, God, Change My Past Nakago's Character Song
Kimi Ni Tadoru Michi The Difficult Road That You're On Tamahome Song
Kimi wo Mamoritai I Want to Protect You Tamahome Song
Nanabiri No Uta Song of the Seven Birds Miaka Song
Ooinaru Kaze no You ni Like the Great Wind

Fushigi Yuugi (OAV) SONG Collection

Original Title English Title Description
PRELUDE · Yo ga Akeru Mae ni (inst) PRELUDE · Before the Dawn Breaks (inst)
Yo ga Akeru mae ni Before the Dawn Breaks OAV1 Opening Theme
Kiseki no Renzoku Continual Miracles

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