Status Alive
Age Over 1,000
Height  ?
Birthdate  ?
Blood Type  ?
Affiliation Taiitsukun, Celestial Warriors of Suzaku, Celestial Warriors of Genbu
Occupation God
Weapon Magic, Hand-to-hand Expert
Family None
1st Appearance
Manga Chapter 5
Anime Episode 6
Voice Actor
Japanese Tomoko Kawakami (Series)
English Melissa Fahn

The Nyan-Nyans, the childlike goddesses serve Taiitsukun and reside at Mount Taikyoku with her. They are also known as Lai Lai. They can take the appearance of floating orbs and can appear when commanded. They have offered Taiitsukun a repair of her face, which she's really annoyed at, and has also offered Nuriko a repair of his pervertish attitude, much to his dismay.


Shown as about 4 years old in the original series and 7 or 8 in the third OVA, it is not explicitly said how old she is, if she even has an age. Playful and mischievious, she seems capable of multiplying herself when it suits her purposes, as she is seen as only one being in the third OVA but as multiple little girls in the original series. She has light blue hair, and is often seen wearing pink, yellow and red.

Nyan-nyan in OVA 2

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