Odo clan

The Odo and Urudai Tribe

The Odo Tribe is a tribe from Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden, formed by a mix of people from all over the country of Hokkan regardless of race or tribal differences whom all firmly believed in the Legend of the Priestess of Genbu and her Seven Genbu Celestial Warriors as saviors for their country.  Unlike other tribes, the tribe is not based on kin, but on the common desire to support the Priestess of Genbu.

They have been living in the Nasaru forest for years, formed an army, and established a tight-knit information line for underground communication, they have been preparing themselves for years for the arrival of the Priestess.

The Rowun family has heard of them, but due to the protection of the The forest the tribe remains safe. Filka is part of this tribe.

The Core of this tribe is The Urudai Tribe, a tribe whom unlilke the other existing ones in Hokkan, all firmly believed in the Legend of Genbu.  Their forests were infested with monsters, and the village the tribe had established suffered greatly. Hagas and Teg were born into this tribe with Teg manifesting he's powers as Urumiya appeared early, and has been protecting the tribe from the mosters.  But when he was taken away, the tribe was wiped out.  Its few survivors then formed The Odo tribe.

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