Oroko Valley, roughly translated as The Crying Valley or The Valley of Lamentation, is a location in the prequel series Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden. It is a very symbolic and significant location in the prequel, and it became infamous when Soruen, Uruki's loyal retainer, sacrificed himself to ensure Takiko and Uruki's reunion and safety against the Kutou soldiers.


Main article: The incident in Oroko Valley

The Oroko Valley (Crying Valley), located near the Hanun River, is a large area consisting of many different crevices all connected to Kaza-ana. It is named after the sounds of a crying child that would carry through the valley. It is also known as a location significant in military strategy to be used in ambushes, as well as for it's rumoured ability to repress the powers of celestial warriors. Although the warriors first thought they could only be affected if physically near Teg himself, it turns out that they can be affected if anywhere near the valley. This makes it a very dangerous place to be, and both the Rowun family and the Kutou army have been trying to use this to their advantage. Soruen was taken there as bait to lure Rimudo into a heavily guarded cavern, and the attacks by the Kutou army have all been close enough to the Valley that the warriors have often found their attempts to fight back thwarted.


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