Otome Ranman (Maiden in Full Bloom) is Nuriko's 2nd theme song.


Ah shanari shanari machi o ikeba
Um donogata no me hitorijime
Ah nante itsumo tsumi na watashi
Um aware haato kanashibari

:Ah, If I slink down the streets of the city

Um, I’ll be the center of attention.
Ah, I’m so devilish.
Um, My poor heart is bound in chains.
honki ni nattemo gomen asobase
tada no otoko nara ototoi oide
urei obita koe suzushii hitomi

If your feelings for me are serious, sorry pal.
If you’re just an ordinary guy, then I have no interest for you.
A man with a sentimental voice and cool eyes…
…is the man my heart belongs to.
Run Run sakasemasho paa tto koi ranman
iki ni hadeyaka ni otome mankai ni
Run Run Run misemasho iji to kokoro iki
misete ano kata o getto itashimasho

:La, la, I’ll burst out with my dazzling love.

Stylishly, glamorously, and womanly.
La, la, la, I’ll show him my spunk and sensitivity.
And then he will be mine!
Ah nagekawashii komusume-tachi
Um wakasa dake no namakemono
Ah onna no ue agura kaite
Um ima ni naki o miru koto yo

:Ah, You poor little girls

Um, In spite of your youth, you are lazy.
Ah, Sit prettily on woman’s reputation.

Um, Now’s the time to see some tears.

tensei no bibou tayumanu doryoku
migaki ni migaku wa isseiichidai
ai no tame naraba ichinichi senri
no o koe yama koe michi o fumikoete

:My heavenly beauty and strong will…

…I am going to keep improving all my life.
If I had to, for the sake of love, I would travel one thousand leagues in a day.
I would cross over the wild lands and mountains, and stomp out my own path.

Run Run sasagemasho koyoi yume ryouran
midare midasarete otome iza yowan
Run Run Run kirei desho hana no kono inochi
saite chiru toki nya migoto chirimasho

:La, la, Let’s keep our plentiful dreams.

If we mess up, or if someone tries to mess us up, we damsels will not be fooled.
La, la, la, This flower, which is our life, is pretty.
When we wither after being in bloom, let’s wither the best we can!
yakouju topaazu hisui ni menou rubii amejisuto
motto nayamashiku motto utsukushiku

:Glowing gems, topaz, jade and agate, rubies, and amethyst…

We are far more precious and far more beautiful.
Run Run sakasemasho paa tto koi ranman
iro mo toridori ni nioi kaowashiku
Run Run Run misemasho dokyou kono aikyou
misete ano kata o getto itashimasho

:La, la, Let’s burst out with our dazzling love.

In beautiful colors and with beautiful fragrances.
La, la, la, Let’s show off our courage and charm.
And let’s get the men of our dreams!

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