Oumei Den is Mitsukake's story. He encounters Shoka and her cat, Rin. Shoka is very determined, strong, and forward in her desire to know the gentle giant better,

whereas Mitsukake is a lot more uncertain and unsure. Mitsukake is taken into the house of his father's rival, befriending the man's son Kyuushin and eventually proving to the rival doctor that the true strength of a physician is more than just high prices and medicine. Although there is a misunderstanding between Kyuushin and Mitsukake over Shouka, it's Kyuushin who brings Mitsukake back into Shouka's life and by the time of her death, they are engaged to be married. However, a sickness demon is lurking, hoping to break down the souls of the people and his target is Shouka, preying on her doubt of Mitsukake and taking her down to her grave while luring the gentle young doctor away from their village. Mitsukake's hermit lifestyle is not the first time he adopts this way of living away from the world, either - he also becomes a hermit after his original fight with Kyuushin,when he believes that people hate him and that he should stay away after he used his power to drive a demon from Kyuushin's body -- saving his friend's life but appearing to have wounded him in the process. Kyuushin survives the story and mentions are made of him and his father visiting the graves of Kaku Shoka and Myo Juan after the deaths of both.


Chapter 1: Awakening of the Spirit

Chapter 2: First Step to Grand Isolation

Chapter 3: Journey to One's Purpose

Chapter 4: The Invading Byoma

Chapter 5: Hearts Whose Paths Barely Miss

Chapter 6: The Soothing Palm of the Hand

Chapter 7: The Authority of Suzaku

Chapter 8: Love Torn Apart

Chapter 9: Lives Brought Together


Please… tell me why you never came back. I believed in you and waited for you. I tried my best to overcome the extreme pain…

That man never loved you. He became absorbed in himself after he was finally given respect and attention from others. Your life is no different than any other life in his eyes. I'm sure you already realized this. After all, that man has betrayed your love countless times before now.

But I believed in him and waited for him. Because… Because I loved him…

Listen well. There was a girl much more important to him all along.


There is only one girl to whom he will pledge his loyalty. Yes… That girl is Suzaku no Miko.

Suzaku no Miko…

She has already appeared in this world and is making her way to your man. And once he joins her side, he will have forgotten completely about you.


Well, you must hate Suzaku no Miko now. So go forth.

This time, I will grant you with extreme powers. With your powers, you will raise the dead and terrorize Suzaku's warriors. And then, you shall drink your hated Priestess's blood and eat her flesh.

The cemetery, dimly lit by the moon, was calm and quiet, save the earth around one of the graves. First one hand, then two reached out from the ground, slowly dragging the rest of the body out. The corpse of the young woman, her long hair tangled and muddy, rose to her feet and sucked in the night's air.

Her inflamed lips parted slightly. "Juan…"

Barely after she uttered that name, her beastly figure disappeared into the night. What remained in her place was a beautiful and innocent-looking girl.

"Wait for me. I'm going to see you soon…"

Whispering this with a smile on her face, the girl left the cemetery and headed for the village.

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