Perfect World is another of Nuriko's theme songs. This song first appeared in the ani
Nuriko rOUKO


mated series in the preview for the third episode of the second OVA known as "Manifestation of Rebirth". The song is later used near the end of that same episode, in the scene where Rouko realizes Nuriko has died and he needs to move on. While he weeps about missing his brother and how he wished he could've seen him at least one more time, Nuriko manages to hold his elder brothers hand and appear before his eyes, telling him he's strong enough to live his life and that he'll be alright.

The song was included in the CD for the first OVA of Fushigi Yuugi.



Mizu ni utsuru tsuki o miru kara yurete shimau
Zujou ni aru hikari wa sore o tada miteru dake…
Kizu tsuite yowaru teoi no kemono demo
Ikiru no ka nigeru no ka subete jibun shidai
Sora wa takaku hateshinai keredo
ikari dake wa oshimi naku naru
Donna toki mo mimamotteiru yo
Ai to iu na no Perfect World
Tsurai toki o norikoeru tabi mabushiku naru
Shirazu shirazu eranda koto ga jishin ni naru yo
Umi no soko nemuru hito wa shinju no you
Arawarete migakarete kagayaki o fukameru
Sora wa takaku harewataru sekai
Yuki wa tokete uruoi ni naru
Donna toki mo tachi agaru yuuki
Kimi no naka ni aru yo
Daite daite daki okosu dake ga
Tabun kitto yasashisa janai
Donna toki mo tachi agaru yuuki
Kimi no naka ni aru yo
Ai to iu na no Perfect World


Because I see the moon reflecting upon the waters, I begin to tremble.
The light above my head only looks down upon this…
Even wounded, weakened beasts…
…must decide themselves whether to live or to retreat.
The sky above is endless.
But only the light is generous.
At any time, I will be watching over you.
In the Perfect World called "Love".
Whenever we overcome harsh times, we sparkle.
Unaware of this, with each choice we make, we gain confidence.
Those who sleep at the bottom of the ocean are like pearls.
Let us wash and polish them; bringing out their true shine.
The endless sky clears above this world.
The snow melts away and becomes streams.
At any time, the courage to stand and fight…
…rests inside of your soul.
In the Perfect World called "Love".

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