Quotes by characters

Miaka Yūki

-Okay, I can handle the library being gone, but there's no even Haagen Daas or Mister Donut here!

-A dream without ice cream!

-It's flat!

-I'm looking for a man with an ogre symbol on his forehead!

-I want to play, but I study! I wanna sleep, but I study!

-Mom, how could you READ MY DIARY?

-I know that you're going out with a man on the road just then!

-Yui, run!


-Sand witch!

-Oh, this looks like ancient China!

-This is your love letter to me, see, you wrote Wo Ai Ni. I've kept it safe!

-Bad body!!!!!stop!!!!!!don't get dragged along by food............

-Stay away!!!


-Accept reality, Miaka. Accept it. Tamahome's gone. HE'S GOOONE!!!!!!!

-Yui, how can I make this up to you?

-Tasuki...don't die!!!

-To summon Suzaku, people have to.......?

-No! I don't believe IT!!!!!!

-This time, I will be the sacrifice.

-Is there a way?

-(What are you doing making fun of me?! Give me back the Shinzaho!)

-That was what I like to do, but I saw the food.

-Do you know the character for "Coward"? just remove one line from it. It will mean "To Challenge."

-There's a tower when two lovers kiss exactly when the sun sets, nothing can ever seperate them. I'll be waiting for you.

-Well, it's pretty simple. You just give me the ring.

- And it will happen to me, and Yui, too.

-Then what's the point of the adventure?!!!

-Mt.Taikyoku! Taitsukun!


-Whoa! it's been TEN YEARS?

-Yes, sir. and we don't even know where to find them.

-But before that......can we eat this food?

-No , 'Chichiri! you must not fight your friend!

- I can stay here with everyone....!

-Yes, I'm awake, my love.

-"Hikari". That's the name of our daughter. I want her to shine for eternity like the stars do.


-But , who I want to save is.....(kisses Tamahome.)


-Miaka, is my hair beautiful?

-Ouch! you're pulling too hard!!!

-See Miaka, there's an earring I lost near the forest. It's dark, and all the maidens are afraid to go there. Can you get it for me? It's a very important family heirloom.

-Are you too soft?! Tell me you've got something!!! I just slapped you!!! what are you gonna do?!

-So I became a woman for the sake of love!!!!

-Miaka! these guys work for the mountain bandits! Don't eat the food!!!!

-How about a little torture?

-There will be moments like these when you're just going to laugh about it! C'mon, grab my hand!!!

-Once I had a younger sister named Korin. She died in an accident, rushing after me on the other side of the road. In order to still feel her prescence, I dressed like her, acted like her, and took her place.

-Miaka!be careful!!! that you?

-You must never ever underestimate Nuriko!

-I still......have to

-Jeez, cry so easily....?

-Oh, do you mean you don't remember me?.....That's so cold....

-I have a brother named Rokou. He was a coward and a wimp. He always depended on others. And for that, he was bullied and picked at.

-What's this idiot jabbering about?

-Come on!!!!!!

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