Episode 24: Resolution

Honō no Ketsui


Episode Guide

Shadow of Intrigue


Love and Sorrow


The ceremony to summon Suzaku commences as Miaka makes her 3 wishes. When nothing appears, Chiriko starts playing the flute and everyone falls on their knees in pain. Chiriko reveals himself to be Amiboshi, a member of the Seriyuu Seven. Suddenly, another sound breaks Amiboshi's powers. As Amiboshi runs away, Tasuki and Tamahome pursue him then Chichiri and Miaka follow. The group follows Amiboshi to a river. As Amiboshi steps on a weak stone which crumbles he starts to fall into the river.Miaka jumps and grabs his flute in time to save him, but Amiboshi has different plans and lets go of the flute and falls into the river. The group return to the castle and come back with only Amiboshi's flute. Then the real Chiriko is revealed to be a thirteen year old boy. He tells them how he saved them. With all the celestial warriors they try to summon Suzuku once more but they fail to do so. Taiitsukun appears and tells them of another way to summon Suzaku.

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