"I wanted to prove to you and show you that I could be a big brother to you. But before I were gone...!"


Rouko is the older brother of Nuriko. He guards the jewel that contains Taka's memories saying that because it was the only treasure Nuriko and Korin left for him. He makes his appearance in the last 4 volumes of the manga and in the 2nd OVA.


Rouko's appearances is commonly misidentified and unspecified due to dofferent appearances: His hair color is originally purple but in some appearances it is colored blue. His skin complexion is also commonly misidentified due to shadows, but he has pale skin color. Rouko wears a rather adorned kimono on his first appearance and his hair is complicatedly tied. In the night, he wears a minor blue kimono shirt which is slightly opened and his hair is rather loose.

When he first appears, he ties his hair in the traditional Chinese style on a yellow-colored one and wears a blue Chinese vest with alternate harsh red and white linings on the left shoulder, right shoulder, and near the neck. Light-blue clothing is seen underneath.


"They said you died honorably. They say you peacefully rest in the snow. But why? Why can't I bring myself 'to accept the fact that you're dead?"

Rouko is a coward, and according to his brother, he is a wimp who always depends on others. Rouko has a hard time accepting some things like deaths of his siblings, and even as the eldest of the Chou family, Nuriko or Korin is even much mature than him. Although he is not yet mature, he takes his responsibility to guard the jewel ball seriously. Rouko finds it hard to accept that Nuriko is dead, but Chiriko helps him to by slightly possesing his body and making him accept that Nuriko is dead.


He first appears in the end of the second episode of the 2nd OVA, a maiden was calling "Rouko-sama" as Rouko watches over the magic ball that contained the memory jewel.

They found out Chichiri, Tasuki, and the others are trespassing inside Nuriko's house so they will be able to get Nuriko's magic ball of Taka's memories, but Nuriko's brother, Rokou, didn't want to give it to them because it was the only thing Ryuuen (Nuriko) left for him. Nuriko also has a hard time in giving the ball to Taka because it was his only treasure since he was a child, but understood later that Taka is more important. Back then, when they're able to get the ball, Taka was attacked by the monster inside him which was caused by Miiru sister by biting his ear. Meanwhile, while Chichiri, Chiriko and Hotohori were curing him, Miaka ran away to get to the temple where Rokou runs off to, and Tasuki follows her but later bitten by a poisonous snake. Miaka was able to cure him by sucking the poison out, and thinks of doing the same to Taka. However, Nuriko manages to get the magic ball from his brother and spotted Miaka and Tasuki lying on the way, so he uses his armbands to bring them all back to Taka. Miaka tries to suck the poison from Taka, but it is unattainable. Chiriko tried to possess Rokou's body but he can't, instead he made Rokou finally accept Ryuuen is dead. He agreed to give the magic ball to Taka and has talked and see Nuriko for the last time. Finally, Rouku accepted Nuriko's friends with him.


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Rouko, Nuriko's brother.