"I'm really glad that lady boss brought us here...! But it's all too bitter."
—Rutai to Inami


Rutai, also known as Ruude, is a minor character in Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden.

She is a prostitute from Hokkan. Her family sold her to a brothel in Touran due to debt, and while she generally keeps a smile on her face, she's very upset by her circumstances and she is very homesick. She wants nothing more than to escape the brothel she's been moved to in Konan and return home, despite the trouble it would cause her family. In trying one night to escape gets mistaken as being Inami of the Genbu Warriors. Although she really has no idea what Takiko's talking about, being taken away to "go save the world sounds like a sweet deal", she said. Alas Tarma, who turns out to be the real Inami, prevents her from going, and as soon as Takiko realises she's not a warrior, she's left alone. Bitter and homesick, Ruude becomes posessed by a demon called Enma and sets fire to the building thinking that if the brothel doesn't exist, she can't be kept there. Some sense is later put back into her head, and the demon is done away with.

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