Ryuseisui, (roughly translated to double meteor bell)
Suboshi wielding Ryuseisui

Suboshi using the Ryuseisui.

is a weapon in the Fushigi Yuugi series. This is a weapon Seiryuu Celestial Warrior Suboshi uses when fighting.It appears as a long-ranged weapon, two little bells attached to two strings each on each, which Suboshi swings around to use it to attack in a slicing manner. However, the damage it inflicts is less deadly and fatal than his twin brother's flute.

Plot involvement

Season 1: Suzaku

When Tamahome and Miaka witness the dead bodies of Tamahome's siblings and father, Suboshi reveals himself to be the one responsible for ther death. Both enraged, Tamahome and Suboshi rush at each other. Suboshi says that Tamahome deserved the death of his family, equalizing to the death of Suboshi's twin brother, Amiboshi, who drowned at the river. Suboshi was thinking that the Suzaku warriors killed him on purpose.

Season 2: Seiryuu

Tomo and Amiboshi were at the cliff when Miaka was trapped into a world of illusions created by Tomo. Suboshi sees Amiboshi wounded by Tomo, and he quickly used Ryuseisui and killed him.


Suboshi went to the real world with Yui, and Suboshi spotted Miaka, so he fiercely ties her down with Ryuseisui in the place where they were in front of many people. Then Tamahome battles Suboshi, with the same audience. His weapon also can come off the rope to witch it is attached and chase its target till it hits, as seen in the battle with Tamahome.