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# Title Original airdate
26 "Star Festival"

"Hoshimi Matsuri no Yoru" (星見祭りの夜)

September 28, 1995
Nuriko, Tasuki, and Miaka have a fun time at the Star Festival. Miaka is reminded of Amiboshi's death and runs away from the festival to honor his death at the river. Tamahome finds her there and tells her they need to talk. Miaka tells Tamahome that Taiitsukun said that she must abandon her love for Tamahome. Tamahome is upset but runs away saying that after they've successfully called Suzaku he will make Miaka a happy bride.
27 "Tombstone Oath"

"Chikai no Bohyō" (誓いの墓標)

October 5, 1995
Tamahome is able to talk to Yuiren before she dies. She tells him that she has a been a good girl and asks Tamahome to never leave her side. Suboshi, Amiboshi's brother, appears and admits that he killed Tamahome's family. Tamahome becomes enraged and starts attacking Suboshi. During the battle, Tamahome's ponytail gets cut off by Suboshi's weapon. Suboshi is no match for Tamahome's power — amplified by Taiitsukun's gift and rage at his family's death. Suboshi is saved by Soi, another member of the Seiryu Seven. Tamahome continues in his blind rage as Nuriko pleads for him to stop because his body cannot handle that much power and because he is scaring Miaka. Tamahome calms down and enters his home. He sees that Chuei tried to protect his family with a kitchen knife. Tamahome buries his family along with the gifts he got them. Miaka is uncertain what to say to Tamahome and he asks to be alone. Nuriko worries that Tamahome will not be emotionally fit to accompany them to Hokkan. Tamahome wakes up Nuriko and Miaka and surprises them by telling them with a cheerful attitude that they should be returning to the city. He gives Miaka the gift Yuiren made for her, a gift for brides-to-be. Nuriko, Tamahome, and Miaka return to the ship. Hotohori entrusts his sword to Miaka during her travel to Hokkan because he cannot accompany her. Both Miaka and Tamahome have renewed resolve to protect the ones they love and get the Shinzaho before Seiryu.
28 "The Ancient Path"

"Inishie no Michi" (古昔之途[いにしえのみち])

October 12, 1995
A Fushigi Yûgi digest episode. In this episode, additional information is given about characters and the plot.
29 "Mysteries Afoot"

"Ugokidashita Nazo" (動き出した謎)

October 19, 1995
Miaka's brother realizes they are connected by a hair that she left in the book. Her brother runs into an acquaintance while trying to leave the library with the book. He tells the guy about what has happened to Miaka so far between Yui, Tamahome, and her. Also the Suzku seven. His friend tries to help him learn more about the story. They find some very suspicious things out about the person who returned the book to Japan. They then find out that the people who wrote the book intended for the young girl to become a sacrifice to summon one of the 4 gods. He tells Miaka but she doesn't believe him and cuts off their connection. The ship begins to get caught in a storm caused by one of the seriyu 7 and Miaka, Nuriko, and Tamahome go overboard. Tamahome is electrocuted.
30 "The Flash of Battle"

"Tatakai no Senkō" (戦いの閃光)

October 26, 1995
After being attacked by lightning, Tamahome and the other two stayed in an abandoned cave and wait for Chichiri to track them down. Tamahome is still unconscious so Nuriko finds the chance to flirt with Miaka jokingly, by trying to kiss her. When awakened, Tamahome explains he has no chance to protect his loved ones, so he promised himself that he will always protect Miaka. Nuriko himself explains he also has a loved one too that he's unable to protect, which is his sister Korin. At the day she died, Nuriko began dressing like a girl in order to keep Korin with him. Just then lightning struck the cave where they were and Miaka and Tamahome began floating in the sea, and Nuriko manages to carry them off because the bracelets Taiitsukun gave him began transforming into armbands. At last, Chichiri and the others found them. While inside the ship, Soi began challenging Miaka and electrifying the others so they won't be able to save her. Miaka uses Hotohori's holy sword in order to protect herself from Soi, and she manages to defeat her. The storm Soi cast is slowly disappearing, and they finally found Hokkan, the land of Genbu, where the Shinzaho is located.
31 "Whirlpool of Doubt"

"Fuan no Uzu" (不安の渦)

November 2, 1995
When finally there, they manage to find a place to stay and there, an elder told them about the legendary Shinzaho of the Priestess of Genbu is protected by the Genbu Seven 200 years ago. By this, the group started to separate to be able to find the Shinzaho fast. Before doing so, Miaka promised herself that after she summoned Suzaku she will abandon her old world and stay with Tamahome instead. While planning of the separation inside a bar, Nuriko cuts his hair in order to protect Miaka easily. He then tells them he is now a man, but still inside he's still have the heart of a woman. They began to travel in different places, leaving Nuriko with Tamahome and Miaka. They saw an ancient writing which only a scholar can read, and Tamahome decides to follow a man whose dad is a scholar. The man's dad told them that the writing is located to where the Priestess of Genbu first appeared, and that the Shinzaho is in Mt. Koku. After hearing the news, Tamahome encountered Yui who is also in Hokkan finding the same thing, who just separated from Suboshi. At the same time, Ashitare, a warrior of Seiryu, was sent by Nakago in replacement of Soi in order to kill the Priestess. Ashitare found Miaka and Nuriko and began to attack.
32 "To Die for the Star of Suzaku"

"Suzaku no Hoshi ni Junjite" (朱雀の宿星[ほし]に殉じて)

November 9, 1995
Ashitare of Seiryuu Seven leaps to attack Miaka, but Nuriko saves her and manages to burn Ashitare by Chiriko's signal flares although he's hurt. He then told her that he's going to save her until his last breath draws, causes Miaka to think Nuriko is not a girl anymore. On the same time, Tamahome encounters Yui and tried to convince her to stop summoning Seiryu and come with him. She then told him that Tamahome is just a character in a book and that Miaka and Tamahome can't be together unless they summon Suzaku. Suboshi then came and Tamahome ran away, leaving Yui undecided of her fate. Reunited, Miaka, Nuriko and Tamahome found a house and stay there. Still mindful of what Yui said, Tamahome goes to have to drink by himself. Nuriko then approaches and tells Tamahome that he's ready to die for Miaka, admitting that he also love Miaka as a man. The next day, Nuriko decided he'll go find the Shinzaho and leave Tamahome and Miaka together to strengthen their relationship and find Chichiri and the others. Once there, when Nuriko was about to remove the large boulder blocking the cave of the hidden Shinzaho, he is found by Ashitare.
33 "Nuriko, the Eternal Farewell"

"Nuriko, Towa no Wakare" (柳宿、永遠[とわ]の別離[わかれ])

November 16, 1995
During the battle of Ashitare and Nuriko, Nuriko is stabbed through the chest by Ashitare's long claws. Though badly wounded, he manages to break Ashitare's neck. Miaka and the other Suzaku warriors sense something is wrong and begin making their way to the area they felt the disturbance from. With his blood staining the snow, Nuriko uses the last of his strength to lift the boulder out of the way so the others will be able to retrieve the Shinzaho. Miaka and Tamahome arrive to find Nuriko lying in the snow. Tamahome lights a signal fire to call Mitsukake to heal him, while Nuriko weakly encourages Miaka to stop crying because he loves her and won't leave her. Miaka goes to see where the others are, but before she walks to far, Nuriko dies. Miaka can't believe it at first and pleads with him to get up. When the others arrive and learn of his death, the warriors cry, with Tasuki also having trouble accepting it at first. Miaka separates herself from the others, deeply upset, but Tamahome comes and forces her to return and say good-bye. They come back to find that Mitsukake has used his powers to heal the wounds so Nuriko would be "beautiful" again. He also gave Miaka Nuriko's armbands for it to be able to protect her. After mourning his death a few more moments and pledging his death would not be in vain, they bury him in the snow and head towards the cave containing the Shinzaho.
34 "Guardians of Ice"

"Kōri no Sakamori" (氷の防人)

November 23, 1995
Sadly after Nuriko's death, Miaka and the remaining Suzaku Seven went inside the cave to locate the Shinzaho of Genbu. While inside, they found the two of the Genbu Celestial Warriors who is later known as Tomite and Hikitsu. They tested Miaka if she is truly capable of having the Shinzaho so they froze her without her clothes, and Miaka was so cold that she could definitely die. Meanwhile, Tamahome and the others were unable to reach Miaka because the Genbu Seven separated them with Miaka using a transparent ice wall. Remembering Nuriko's sacrifice and all the people who have gone to protect her, Miaka was able to break the ice before her with the help of Nuriko remaining in Miaka and his armbands. The Genbu Seven realized she was truly capable having the Shinzaho, they agreed to give it to her. But they realized they also need the Shinzaho of Byakko in order to summon Suzaku. Just outside the cave, Ashitare's wolf form managed to steal the Shinzaho from them, and lead it to Nakago. Due to the incident, Miaka was separated from the Suzaku Seven.
35 "Hell's Mirage"

"Naraku no Shinkirō" (奈落の蜃気楼)

November 30, 1995
Upon leaving the cave with the Shinzaho it gets stolen from Miaka by Ashitare's wolf form. She chases after it and trips and begins to lose sight of it. Taiitsukun shows up to check on Miaka and she asks her what to do. Taiitsukun says the only way to get it back is to "couple" with Nakago. Miaka decides to do it. Taiitsukun come and tells Tamahome that Miaka has her period and to go ahead of without her. Tamahome leaves and then Taiitsukun turns into a clam. Miaka goes to the camp and finds that the kitty is with her. Tamahome senses something is wrong and heads back. Miaka gets hungry and smells some food and goes to a tent that just happens to be Nakago's. He was waiting for her. Yui gets mad that Nakago has left her side and decides to go back to camp. Soboshi tells her Nakago can't be trusted and she doesn't believe him. She tries to pull herself from him, but he pulls her in and kisses her. One of the other 7 yells at him. This same member shows Yui the clam shell from before. Nakago is beating Miaka with lightning and destroys the necklace Tamahome's sister made for her. He advances toward her.
36 "Trampled Love"

"Fuminijirareta Ai" (踏みにじられた愛)

December 7, 1995
Nakago tells Miaka of what he planned and about the false Taiitsukun. He also tells her that Yui is still a virgin. He also told Yui everyday that Miaka betrayed her. One day she finally believed. Everything that happened was all according to Nakago's plans. Tomo causes the other of the Suzaku to fall into his trap. Tamahome finally catches up with Miaka and runs into Nakago who insinuates that he has "coupled" with Miaka. Tamahome attacks Nakago and actually wounds him with a red lightning. Soi come to Nakago's rescue. Tamahome finds Miaka and she wakes up in a lot of pain. Miaka believes Nakago had sex with her and Tamahome just looks dumbstruck. The others are still stuck in the mirage. Miaka and Tamahome stop at a lake to rest and eat. Miaka is really messed up in logic. She decides she can't marry Tamahome.
37 "Bewitched Warmth"

"Genwaku no Nukumori" (幻惑のぬくもり)

December 14, 1995
Tamahome comforts Miaka, but she runs away while he is asleep. Miaka falls into a Ravine and hurts her ankle. She is saved from a giant weasel by Suboshi and passes out. Yui decides to wait for Nakago’s arm to heal before proceeding to Sairou. Tamahome searches for Miaka, but cannot find her. Miaka awakens three days later in Makan Village, in Sairou. She realizes that it was actually Amiboshi who saved her, but he has amnesia and does not remember anything before being pulled out the river by his adoptive parents. Nakago admits to Tomo that Miaka is still a virgin because of a red life force that protected her from him when he tried to couple with her. Chichiri, Tasuke, Mitsukake, and Chiriko are still stuck in Tomo’s illusion and are slowly being killed by the desert’s harsh conditions. Tomo asks Soi to use boa-chuu jitsu, the technique which allows one to control others by weakening their life force through sexual intercourse, on Tamahome. Amiboshi’s new mother fears that Miaka will help Amiboshi remember who he is so she gives her forgetfulness leaves, but accidentally gives her a dangerous dosage. Miaka is feverish and passes out. Tamahome finds Miaka, but it is actually Soi disguised by Tomo’s illusion. They kiss. Keisuke and Tetsuya head to Morioka to find criminal records from the Takiko Okuda murder investigation. Amiboshi gives Miaka some of his life force and she wakes up. He asks her if she will stay with him.
38 "Dawn of the Heart"

"Kokoro no Yoake" (心の夜明け)

December 21, 1995
It is revealed that Soi slipped Tamahome a potion when they kissed at the end of the last episode. Mitsukake’s cat sees through Soi’s illusion and tries to warn Tamahome, but does not succeed. Amiboshi offers Miaka a forgetfulness leaves potion to help her forget her painful past and she almost accepts them, but remembers Nuriko, Tamahome, and the rest of the Suzaku Seven and declines. Tamahome refuses the fake Miaka as not to ruin any chance they may still have to summon Suzaku. Amiboshi regains his memory and Miaka resolves to find Yui and help her summon Seiryuu. After Soi fails to drain Tamahome, Tomo reveals himself. Kutou soldiers attack Makan Village and Amiboshi kills them using his flute powers. After defeating the soldiers, Amiboshi senses Tomo. Tomo tells Tamahome of the rest of the Suzaku Seven who are stuck in his illusion slowly dying and attacks Tamahome. Amiboshi senses Tamahome, but Miaka does not want to see Tamahome. Amiboshi, wanting to help, goes to bring him back. As he departed his adoptive father gives him a vial of forgetfulness leaves juice (which also can be used to diminish pain from wounds). Instead of waiting for Amiboshi to return, as she was instructed, Miaka runs off to find Yui and runs into Soi.
39 "Bewitched Illusions"

"Ayashiki Gensō" (妖しき幻想)

December 25, 1995
Soi reveals to Miaka that Nakago failed to rape her and that Tomo is fighting Tamahome and has him trapped. Amiboshi helps destroys Tomo’s illusion creating shell with his flute. Miaka arrives and Tamahome defeats Tomo. Miaka excitedly tells Tamahome that she is unspoiled. Amiboshi is trapped and Tamahome is stabbed and dragged off a cliff by Tomo (They only defeated an illusion of him). Tomo traps Miaka with an illusion created from her life force. He explains to Amiboshi that because of the manner in which the illusion was created Miaka is trapped inside the illusion physically, as opposed to just mentally. Tomo puts himself into the illusion as Aono, with the intention of taking Maika’s virginity. He uses the illusion to convince Miaka that she has a crush on him. Miaka sees Tamahome’s name in a book she is studying and becomes confused. Aono stops by and gives her his older brothers lucky exam pencil, putting an end to her confusion. Miaka agrees to go out with him. Aono asks if he can call her “Miaka” and asks her to call him “Tomo.” Back in the real world, Keisuke calls their mother and explains to her that they did not return home because Miaka is studying with him and Tetsuya.
40 "Deceptive Love"

"Itsuwari no Koi" (偽りの恋)

January 4, 1996
Miaka reads about the constellations of the four gods again and is again confused, but Aono Tomo distracts her by asking her to come to his house to study later. Tamahome’s master find him and releases him from the illusion he was under when he was thrown from the cliff. As Miaka and Tomo pass the library, Miaka feels like something important happened there and tries to figure it out, but Tomo distracts her with a promise of cake. Miaka discovers the cake was a lie and is distracted again by the library, which she can see from Tomo’s window. He distracts her by kissing her. When she is about to give herself to him, she is confused by something she cannot remember. She remembers going into the library with Yui and going into an old book. Tomo tells her that is was just a dream but she continues to remember what happened and breaks the illusion (but is still trapped in it). Tomo has to use all of his life force to keep Miaka trapped and Amiboshi uses this opportunity to break free. He gives his strength to Miaka using his flute. She stabs Tomo in the mark on his forehead using the lucky pencil he gave her. Shin (the shell Tomo used to create illusions and trap Miaka) breaks and Miaka reappears. Amiboshi protects Miaka from Shin, but is defeated. When Tomo is about to kill him Suboshi arrives and kills Tomo. Amiboshi offers Suboshi forgetfulness leaves so that they may live in peace together. Suboshi pretends to accept them, says he loves Yui, and forces the leaves back on Amiboshi. Suboshi attacks Miaka in the same manner in which he thinks Yui was.
41 "Sunlight of Rebirth"

"Fukkatsu no Yōkō" (復活の陽光)

January 11, 1996
Tamahome, Tasuke, and the rest of the Suzaku Seven rescue Miaka from Suboshi. They arrive in Sairou and stay with Tamahome’s master, Tokaki. Tamahome kisses Miaka and says that they cannot love anymore. Tokaki tells him he made the right decision and that their love would never have consummated. Miaka and Chichiri contact Hotohori through and magic mirror and provide him with a very brief (and incomplete) update on their situation. Suboshi returns Amiboshi to Makan Village. Nakago tells Yui that he loves her, Soi overhears this. Xing, Tokaki’s adoptive daughter, tells Miaka a legend that if two lovers kiss at sunset atop a tower next to a nearby temple nothing will separate them. Miaka helps Xing prepare dinner. Miaka’s cooking is horrible, but after she leaves the room Tamahome eats all of it. Xing is told by Tokaki to help Tamahome forget Miaka and when it appears they are about to kiss Miaka enters the room.
42 "Unbreachable Wall"

"Koerarenu Kabe" (越えられぬ壁)

January 18, 1996
Keisuke and Tetsuya finally arrive in Morioka. Miaka asks Tamahome to meet her in the tower that Xing told her the legend about. Tokaki reminds Tamahome that he and Miaka will be split up when Suzaku is summoned. While waiting at the tower, Miaka sees Yui and Nakago. After checking the police station and library, a taxi driver introduces Keisuke and Tetsuya to a friend with old newspapers on microfilm. They find the article regarding the Okuda murder and where it took place. Tamahome goes to the tower and finds Miaka’s hair tie. The rest of the Suzaku Seven join him, and Tasuke fries a monster about to eat him. Tokaki and his wife, Subaru, tell them that Tatara, the guardian of the Shinzaho of Byakko has been taken. Nakago finds Miaka sneaking into where he and Yui are staying. Miboshi, one of the Seiryu Seven, steals Miaka’s voice and Nakago knocks her unconscious. The Suzaku Seven follow Miaka. Keisuke and Testuya arrive at the location where the Okuda murder took place and find it is called Genbu Grotto. Miaka wakes up in a cell with Tatara and Yui enters.
43 "Farewell Reunion"

"Ketsubetsu no Raidō" (決別の来同)

January 25, 1996
Yui tells Miaka that she cannot keep fighting with her. She leads Miaka and Tatara out of their cell and Tatara presents Miaka with the Shinzaho of Byakko. Yui takes the Shinzaho and locks Miaka and Tatara in a room. Keisuke and Tetsuya meet the aged Priestess of Byakko. Tatara and Miaka escape. Tatara goes ahead to convince Yui to return the Shinzaho, but Miboshi appears. Miaka is found by Tamahome, Tasuke, and Chiriko. Miaka, the rest of the Suzaku Seven, and Takaki and Subaru catch up to Tatara. Tatara is taken hostage by Miboshi. He defeats Miboshi but uses the last of his strength to do so. The Priestess of Byakko dies and Keisuke and Tetsuya watch as a much younger version of her spirit and Tatara’s spirit meet and ascend together. The dying Miboshi possesses Chiriko.
44 "Moment of Battle"

"Setsuna no Kōbō" (刹那の攻防)

February 1, 1996
Miboshi of the Seiryuu Seven enters Chiriko's body, because his old body had died. He then used Chiriko to defeat Miaka and the remaining Suzaku Seven, and therefore controlled his body. Chichiri made a barrier or shield around themselves to protect them from Miboshi, but Miaka's foot stepped away from the shield and caused her danger. Meanwhile, Yui and Nakago were on their way to the ceremony of summoning Seiryuu, after they successfully gathered the two Shinzaho. Yui then told Nakago that she will save her third wish for him after they summon the god. On the other hand, Miaka was in great danger of Miboshi's hands, and Miaka tried to plead for Chiriko to wake up. Then, Subaru and Tokaki of the Byakko Seven became teenagers again using Subaru's power for making physical bodies be the ones they were before. Tokaki saved Miaka and Subaru returned Miaka's voice. Meanwhile, Chiriko is slowly waking up, slowly controlling his own self, but Miboshi is much stronger. But soon afterward, Chiriko was able to control himself from Miboshi, and figured out that he could kill Miboshi by killing himself. He then stabbed himself using Miboshi's rattle. Chiriko is slowly dying that time, and he provided the scroll Taiitsukun gave him to Miaka. After saying farewell, Miaka, Tamahome and Chichiri ran towards the ceremony of summoning Seiryuu, leaving Mitsukake and Tasuki with Chiriko up until the very end of his life. Miaka, Tamahome and Chichiri encountered Nakago who just lured them into a trap. But when they finally reached the roof where the ceremony will be held, it was too late for them because Yui is finally summoning Seiryuu.
45 "Divergent Light"

"Bunki no Hikari" (分岐の光)

February 8, 1996
Yui succeeds in summoning Seiryuu. Seiryuu turns into a person, enters Yui to grant her his holy power, and they disappear. Summoning Seiryuu causes a shockwave and Chichiri teleports Miaka and the Suzaku Seven back to Konan. Yui wakes up in Kutou and makes her first wish: “Let Suzaku’s strength be sealed away forevermore.” Miaka and the Suzaku Seven meet Hotohori’s new empress, and he tells Miaka that she can marry Tamahome since she is no longer a priestess. Kutou begins to invade and the Suzaku Seven decide they will fight, despite losing their powers. Keisuke and Tetsuya find out that Genbu Grotto was created by being bringing a beast god into the world. Nakago and Soi look into Tomo’s shell, which was all they could recover of him, and see the world the priestesses came from. They talk and Nakago rejects Soi when she confesses her love for him. The Suzaku Seven join the battle against Kutou and encounter the Seiryuu Seven, but are no match for them without their powers. Tasuke throws Hotohori’s holy sword at Nakago, but Soi sacrifices herself to protect him. Yui uses her second wish to return herself and Miaka to their world. Miaka wakes up in her school and Tamahome is there as well.
46 "Boy of Fact & Fiction"

"Kyojitsu no Shōnen" (虚実の少年)

February 15, 1996
Keisuke heads home and arrives as Miaka is calling. Yui goes home as well. Nakago tells Suboshi that they will see Yui again. Tasuke’s bandits arrive to support the Konan forces and Kutou retreats. Tamahome wakes up and wants to go back to help immediately. Keisuke, who is researching The Universe of the Four Gods with Toki, the Priestess of Byakko’s grandson, calls Tetsuya and tells him that the story has moved into their world. The book foreshadows that Nakago will soon be entering their world. After discovering that Tamahome came back with Miaka, Yui contacts Nakago using an earring he gave her and he tells her he will send her support. Hotohori prepares to lead his army against Kutou personally. Miaka, Tamahome, and Keisuke go to meet Tetsuya, who still has The Universe of the Four Gods.
47 "Repose of the Soul's Light"

"Chinkon no Sora" (鎮魂の空)

February 22, 1996
While Keisuke, Miaka, and Tamahome are waiting in a restaurant for Tetsuya, Keisuke notices Tamahome does not have a shadow. Keisuke tells Miaka he does not think she will be able to re-enter the book and Tamahome notices he has no reflection. Tamahome overhears them talking about how he is not “real” and he runs off. Miaka chases after him, but finds Yui and Suboshi while looking for him. Miaka tries to talk to Yui, but Suboshi chases her off. Mitsukake gives his life to save a baby and heal many wounded soldiers (on both sides). Tamahome sees a romance scene being filmed and remembers that he was going to stay with Miaka no matter what. Suboshi finally catches up to Miaka, but Tamahome arrives and tells Miaka that he is hers because she created his world by reading The Universe of the Four Gods.
48 "Even Wagering on the Life"

"Kono Inochi Kaketemo" (この命賭けても)

February 29, 1996
Tamahome and Suboshi fight. Part of Suboshi’s weapon chases Tamahome and he tries to lead it back to Suboshi. Suboshi sees through this, but before he can dodge the spirits of Tamahome’s siblings appear hold him in place. Nakago explains to Hotohori that the war is a distraction and he is turning Kutou’s armies back on itself before moving on to conquer Miaka’s world. Hotohori attacks Nakago, riding through Nakago’s powerful life energy attack to do so. Hotohori stabs Nakago, but is fatally wounded by the energy. Keisuke gives Miaka the book and she tries to save Hotohori by talking to him. Hotohori warns Miaka that he could not stop “him” and after talking to Miaka for a while he dies. Keisuke asks Tamahome to go back into the book by himself.
49 "Wedding Celebration"

"Kashoku no Ten" (華燭の典)

March 7, 1996
Keisuke tells Miaka that summoning a beast god means becoming a sacrifice for it. Yui calls, Miaka tells her that Suboshi is dead, and they both agree to go to school the next day. Keisuke begs Tamahome to return to the Universe of the Four Gods. Miaka informs Yui about Nakago’s deceit and gives her a letter written by Okuda explaining what the beast gods are. Yui runs off and notices scales on her arm. Nakago kills the Emperor of Kutou and orders his family and government killed. Miaka runs home and catches Tamahome preparing to return. Miaka begs Tamahome not to leave and Tamahome asks to have a wedding ceremony. They have a wedding ceremony and Nakago appears before Yui. Yui confirms what Miaka told her and runs away from Nakago. Tamahome finds Yui and Nakago catches up. Nakago tells Tamahome his plans for conquest and Tamahome tells Nakago that they are characters in a book. They fight, but Tamahome is still no match for Nakago.
50 "Atonement"

"Shokuzai no Toki" (贖罪の瞬間[とき])

March 14, 1996
Tamahome continues to get beaten by Nakago. Miaka finds Yui while looking for Tamahome, but Yui is trapped in a barrier. Nakago senses Miaka running into his barrier and finishes Tamahome. Miaka tries to break the barrier and Nakago arrives. Keisuke uses the book to ask Tasuke and Chichiri to come save Miaka, using the bag she left there to enter the real world. Nakago attacks Miaka and threatens to kill her if Yui does not grant his wish for eternal life and immortality. As Yui prepares to use her last wish, Seiryuu, in beast form, appears and Yui disappears. Nakago advances on Miaka to end her, but Tasuke and Chichiri appear. Yui appears to Miaka while Miaka is unconscious from Nakago’s attack.
51 "Entrusted Hope"

"Takusareta Kibō" (託された希望)

March 21, 1996
Tasuki and Chichiri then appears in Miaka's world using her backpack she left in the book, trying to protect Miaka. But meanwhile, Miaka is encountering a strange dream with Yui in it, and they seemed to have a serious talk. On the other hand, realizing they don't have powers anymore, Tasuki and Chichiri decided they would join their companions in heaven after they had killed Nakago. But before striking, Miaka began to say the spell to summon Suzaku, revealing that Yui's third wish is for Miaka to be able to summon the beast god. Tasuki and Chichiri have their powers back after Miaka successfully summoned and made the god appear. Miaka made her first wish, to make Yui return from Seiryu devouring her. After that she felt herself weaken and realized Suzaku is beginning to devour her. Nakago is still no match for the Suzaku warriors, and he can still be able to defeat them. But because of the said "Power of Friendship", Nuriko, Hotohori, Mitsukake and Chiriko appeared and saved Miaka. Later on a daydream occurred, imagining all of them were on Miaka's world and preparing for the marriage of Miaka and Tamahome. Tamahome have a talk with his father on his dream, and encouraged Tamahome to return back to Miaka. Tamahome began to appear and the final battle of Tamahome and Nakago begins.
52 "For My Loved One"

"Itōshii Hito no Tame ni" (いとおしい人のために)

March 28, 1996
Tamahome and Nakago engage in their final battle. Even with all of his powers restored with the summoning of Suzaku, Tamahome is still considerably weaker than his adversary, and Miaka and her Celestial Warriors work to channel all of their powers to him. This plan is still insufficient to defeat Nakago, and as a last resort, Miaka decides to seal Seiryuu away using Suzaku's powers. Nakago loses all of his powers, and as Tamahome delivers his final blow, he glimpses Nakago's bitter past, his ascent to power, and his plight for revenge. The Suzaku Seven's final enemy falls at last, and they urge Miaka to use her final wish to ensure that she and Tamahome could stay together. However, her wish is to restore her world's peace and serenity, and Tamahome consents. Her mission fulfilled, Miaka and her Warriors say a tearful good-bye, and she shares a final kiss with Tamahome as the two worlds are separated and Miaka changed for the better. Days pass, and she discovers a letter which Tamahome had left for her. She learns of his promise to love her through all time and space, and his wish to find her again. Miaka and Yui eventually pass their high school entrance exams, and one school day, Keisuke leads them to a young man who is revealed to be Tamahome, still wearing his wedding ring. The story ends as Miaka lapses into tears of joy.

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