Seiran Den (The Indigo Legend) is Nakago's story. This light novel portrays Nakago's tragic past to his rise in the Kutou army and partially tells about Tenkou, and this is the last light novel.

Story Outline

Abused roundly by both his own people, the Hin Tribe, and the Kutou soldiers who assaulted his mother, Nakago has to live with the fact his uncontrolled power and it's implications brought about the death of not only the woman he loved most but also, at a later point, his best friend who, in a happier lifetime, he might have married. At this point, his soul seems to have died inside him because he can't even bring himself to kill himself, as if punishing himself for what he's done by making his life continue. His drive is revenge and hate from the heroine, and he seems to feel no emotion towards anyone or anything, enduring sexual abuse at the hands of the Kutou emperor and sacrificing anyone who gets in his way. He dreams of destroying Kutou and bringing the whole kingdom to its knees for the crimes committed against him and his family, his main comfort seems to be his faith in the evil demon god Tenkou. Even his own father is more than a little afraid of him. Despite his freezing over of emotion, Nakago's saving of Soi as a young man does indicate that he hasn't completely lost his heart and soul - as if he sees in her at that moment his mother or his friend being abused by the Kutou guards. Soi's portrayal in this story is strong as well, and a much clearer picture of her as the desperate prostitute trying to work out of her situation and escape the drudgery and pain of her life as such.


Seiran Den is the 6 Novel in the Fushigi Yuugi Gaiden series. And other than Ryuusei Den (which is about Amiboshi, and Suboshi) are the only novels based on the Seiryuu Seishi. Seiran Den is mostly based on Nakago's story but also tells about Soi, and Tomo and how their love feud over Nakago started.


Nakago and his mother


We start off at a gathering over a beautiful blue lake, with Villagers chanting, calling upon the god they worship "Tenkou".The Hin Tribe hated by Kutou had the distinguishable traits of Blond hair and Blue eyes. Once a year the tribe gather at this lake to call upon Tenkou the god who takes pity on poor tribes, to hear an Oracle. Amongst the villagers was a woman of great beauty, with her young son, who was just about to turn 11 the age at which boys could start attending the ceremony. The Villagers chants grew, as their lord started to immerse from a black shadow from the pitch black lake. The boy was struck with sudden illness, he became anxious, his breathing irregular, and a cold sweat took over him. The boy looked over at the darkness that loomed over the lake. His eyes opened wide in shock as they met with two huge pale blue eyes staring back at him. Sickness had overcome his body, and he lost consciousness.

Two days later, the boy awoke to his mother by his bedside. Overwhelmed with relief, she threw herself at her sleeping son. The young boy, Ayuru realized what had happened two nights ago at the blue lake. And the pain that had overcome him before he passed out came back to him. His mother had apologized for taking him to the ceremony, but Ayuru protested against his mother's worries, saying that is was his fault for being so weak. Then he remembered those pale blue eyes so cold of emotion. He kept saying to himself "Why had Tenkou, our protector, and the god we worship, do that to me?" sad, for that was the first time Ayuru had met the Hin tribes god Tenkou, but all he could feel from the one they worship was the most intense hatred he had ever felt. His Mother looking at her son lovingly told him it was time to get up and eat. Ayuru remarked that if she kept staring the way she was, that she would freeze. She then replied with a smile "Ayuru, you are a beautiful boy. You almost look like a girl..." Ayuru then pouted "But time will pass, and you will grow up to be a strong handsome man. Stronger than anyone, and more gentle than anyone"

Nakago and Taria Hin Tribe

A young Nakago and Taria in the Hin Tribe

Just as she finished saying this to her son, a young girl came by to see how Ayuru was doing. It turns out that she had come by a lot the last 2 days to check in on her sick friend. She had bouncy curly golden hair, clear white skin, and blue eyes. She was wearing a beautiful dress from their tribe. The two children went off, the girl, Taria, dragging Ayuru along behind her refusing to disclose the location of their outing. After a while they came across the clear blue lake, Ayuru became unease, since the last time he was here he saw those horrible eyes. Taria sat him down by the edge of the lake and went off to retrieve something. She came back with a bouquet of flowers. Today was his 11th birthday, and it was her gift to him. (aww how sweet :3 ) Taria then began to tell a secret story to Ayuru, a story that is told only to the girls of the tribe. There is a legend attached to the lake called "The Pearl of Seiran" It is said, that when a girl loves someone deep within her heart, that a shell with two blue pearls will appear. And the couple will take the pearls as a mark of their love, and keep them until the day they die. Taria, then began to rattle off how her parents keep theirs, Her mother made a hairpiece out of it, and her father keeps it in his wallet. And said confidently that she was certain that Ayuru's mother, Matuta has hers with her. Ayuru never asked his mom about his father. He knew that his mother had been born from the tribe leaders, but was cut off by the family once Ayuru was born. She moved into a small house and worked hard to make Ayuru happy. But the only thing that makes him happy is his mother. Unsure as to why she was disowned, and that they were outcasts, he was certain it had something to do with his father.

Then two Kutou boys came and started Making fun of the two children, saying that they were dirty, and calling their god a dirty demon. They started throwing rocks at the two and pushed them in the mud. Ayuru tried with all his might to shield Taria. But since the two weren't resisting, the Kutoh boys weren't having much fun and left. Ayuru apologized to Taria for being so weak, but Taria protested against, saying that he wasn't weak at all, and the two left for home. Meanwhile Matuta was speaking with Taria parents. They were worried about their daughter, since it was already night fall, and she wasn't home yet. Then Taria's mother said that she doesn't want her around Ayuru anymore, Due to what happened during the ceremony. Lord Tenkou was angry and gave the oracle that there was a dirty child among them, and that their tribe would soon face a crisis. With saying that Taria's mother regrettably said that she can no longer have Taria play with Ayuru, and that Matuta and Ayuru should both leave the village before the other villagers kill them.

Later that evening after the two children where pulled away from each other never to see one another again, Ayuru's mother told him, that she would tell him everything about his father in the morning, and then he would need to choose his own future, and the two went to bed. Ayuru was awaken suddenly by loud screams. He hurried to his window to see what was going on. Kutoh knights were slaughtering the villagers, and setting homes on fire. Ayuru stared blankly at the sight before him, His mother pulled on him, so they could run away. There home was the furthest from the village, and the soldiers hadn't yet noticed it. when they got out the door, they saw Taria running towards their home. Two soldiers noticed her and began chase. Matuta told Ayuru to stay put, and quickly slipped off what had been around her neck, and placed it upon her sons. when he saw it he looked up to his mother as she said wait here. She then ran towards the girl. She was able to reach her before the soldiers could, and began to run. Ayuru could no longer stand still and began to run towards his mother and taria.. But the soldiers had caught up with Matuta and began to rip off her clothes spears to her neck, and she threw the girls to safety. and they began to crowd on top of her. Ayuru screamed for his mother, and then was engulfed in a blue light.

Ayuru stood bound infront of the Kutoh emperor Shoukitei. He stroke his chin as he looked upon the young Seiryuu Seishi. Ayuru just stood there shivering void of expression. Even though, he was of the hated Hin tribe, the Emperor decided to allow him to live since after all he was as Seiryuu seishi. Ayuru was terrified and confused, As the Emperor was rattling off on seiryuu seishi's, and the miko Ayuru didn't understand a word he was saying. The soldiers put a gag on his mouth, Ayuru contemplated as to if he should bite his tongue, not knowing if he wanted to live or die. In his mind replayed the horrible events that just took place. The Soldiers about to rape his mother, and the the way his body had changed, then the explosion that not only took the lives of the soldiers that were assaulting his mother, but his mother as well. The emperor liked this boy, And offered the boy his hands, and his dirty yes invited him. Ayuru felt that he deserved those dirty hands, since he killed his mother...

Shoukitei had taken the boy to bed with him, and stoked his bare back. Commenting on how beautiful Ayuru was, and how he had heard that the Hin race was full of beauty, but not beauty such as this. Ayuru did not try to fight, since that is what he deserved for killing his mother, Although the emperor found his lack of resistance boring, he still indulged himself daily with the young boys fair skin. Ayuru just lied there emotionless.


3 months have passed, and Ayuru lied in his bed staring at the ceiling, an attendant came for the boy, it was the usual time. As they began down the path that they always take, the went a different route into the place garden. There was Shoukitei with ten soldiers waiting for him. "you show no emotions, but that will change soon" Shoukitei said. A Soldier had pulled out a young girl bound and gaged. It was Taria. All the other captive girls committed suicide, but this one did not. The girl screamed silently with her eyes to Ayuru for help. Shoukitei then said, if Ayuru wanted to help her, then to use his Seishi powers.Taria's eyes opened in shock in disbelief that her childhood friend was a Seiryuu Seishi. Frustrated that the boy wouldn't even show his symbol gestured for one of the soldiers. The soldier withdrew his sword. Ayuru begged for them to stop, and tried to run to Taria but was stopped by one of the soldiers. Shoukitei, mocked the child, telling him that the last time he was in this kind of situation he had used his powers, and that if he wished his friend not to die to do it again. His head pounding, remembering the scene when his mother died, he just couldn't produce what the emperor had tried to drag out. Tears filled Ayuru's eyes. The girl said it was alright, that she would be with her parents and Matuta. The soldier then impaled the young girl, Something in Ayuru snapped and there was another explosion. This time, he struck his two targets, but it was too late. he started at the girls corpse, and then picked up the sword and looked at his reflection. and saw the character on his forehead. The boy walked up to the emperor, and offered his loyalty to the country of Kutoh and smiled coldly as he said "please call me Nakago" And he proclaimed his wish to join the army.Nakago quickly climbed the ranks of the army, as only second to the shogun himself. More stuff happens while in the army, but its kinda boring. Quickly though, the Shogun's name is Gi Koyuu, and then there is another Soldier the same age as Nakago, who is also second to the Shogun, Eichuu. Eichuu hates Nakago, because Nakago is so perfect XD (and that Eichuu has to work so hard and Nakago seems to gain it effortesly) As the years progress, the army splits into 3 Those that favor Nakago (who never seems to loose a Battle) Those that favor Eichuu, and then those that are loyal to Koyuu. Oh yes! Before I Forget, Koyuu keeps a close eye on Nakago... and even catches him calling onto Tenkou in the Seiryuu shrine.

A young girl at the tender age of 12 is working at a brothel. Her parents sold her two years ago to pay off a debt. She works hard as a maid, but does a poor job of it. One Day the Okami (head prosistute more or less) Calls her, and tells her to prepare for her first customer. The girl in shock, thinking all this time she was doing good working and sending money to her parents had no idea that she was sold to become a prosistute. When her first costumer comes to her she runs out of the brothel, only to be chased by one of the attendants. He quickly catches up to her and angrily grabes her breast. She closed her eyes in terror, only to open them to an unconsious man lying at her feet. She looks up and sees a beautiful man with Golden blond hair and beautiful blue eyes which looked quietly down upon her. After remembering to thank him, he didnt really seem to care. He claimed it was nothing, and didnt like that kind of scum. Then some one called "Nakago hurry up!" and the young blue eyed solider left. She whispered his name to herself over and over, recalling the legend that he parents had told her when she was young, she realized that he must be one of the seiryuu seishi. She looked abruptly looked down, and her attacker had regain conciousness, and had captured her again.

She is now the age of 18 and the brothels top prositute. She lied in her bed crying athough many men had taken her, she promised that she would keep her heart pure, no matter how dirty her body became. All in hopes of one day seeing Nakago again. As tears fell down her face a man was standing in her door way. She apologized for not being ready, She asked what his name was and he replied "Eichuu" When he saw the lovely young lady he fell in love, and thought she looked like a goddess. This was Eichuu's first time at a brothel. The girl suirved him wine, and he quickly became drunk. And started yelling out about Nakago. Stunned, the girl pressed for more information, to be sure that the man that Eichuu was taking about was indeed the Nakago that she had fallen in love with. Eichuu had fallen asleep, and the girl sweetly smiled at him. In the morining, She asked if he would come to see her again, a pleading in her eyes. Eichuu's body filled with fire, as she whispered in his ear to set her free, and take her to the palace. He would do anything for this woman, he held her passionately, and promised to come back.

Back at the place the emperor was enjoy a play from the members of the Gyougokuza, and all male group. They wore elaborate costumes and tons of makeup. But one performer was better than the rest, he stood in the middle, and as the play came to an end, the emperor clapped with glee and told them to stay, even though the country was falling apart and didn't have the funds to spare for such nonsense, the emperor only cared about his own enjoyment. "I liked you in-particular" the emperor said as he pointed out the performer in the middle. He bowed "I am called Ragun" and said that he was also one of the Seiryuu Seishi, Tomo. The emperor jumped with the excitement unable to believe that all the seishi seem to be coming together even before the miko arrived. Ragun produced his seishi symbol from under his garments, which lied on his lower abdomen.

Later that evening, Nakago was in his room pondering the events that were taking place. Up rival in the villages was coming more frequently, and they weren't just fighting the government, but also themselves. Soldiers that were with Koyuu were now siding with either Nakago or Eichuu. Then a Soldier appeared in Nakago's doorway and said that Eichuu's army has failed to gain control of an uprising. But Nakago showed no emotion over the failure of his rival. Most would be delighted, but Nakago showed nothing. Then was the soldier left, another being came upon his door way. The man apologized for not introducing himself earlier, and said it with a sarcastic snort. But Void of emotion, Nakago simply replied "no matter" "you must be the leader of the Gyougokuza, or should I say Tomo?" He knelt before Nakago. But Nakago replied that there is no need to become friends until the Miko arrives, and that until she does, they are only here to entertain the emperor. This angers Tomo, and gives a sarcastic tone. And asks Nakago if he would like his dreams to become reality more swiftly. Nakgo disregarded him, saying he didn't need his help. Tomo shivered in humiliation. And tried to sympathize with nakago. "we are both two souls trapped in Darkness" Thinking that they understood one another. Nakago told him to take leave, that he no longer wished to see his hideous face. Tomo turned around to make his leave, but then Nakago asked what his Seishi power was. Tomo smirked, and replied "let me show you".

Later that night Nakago had woken suddenly from a dream unsure as to why he was still having visions like that, he had dreamed of a young man and woman standing by the blue lake. The woman sees something mysteriously shinning on the ground and picks it up, it's a shell and inside are two blue pearls glimmering in the moon light. She holds them close to her chest, and the man calls out the woman's name "Matuta" the man slowly starts to turn around ... Noticing something out the window, a dark shadow moves in the night. Its tomo, holding out his shell shen, telling nakago that he has shown him his distant past, and sympathizes with him. Saying that he had no mother or father and was abandoned as a baby. And that he knows all about Nakago's plan for revenge. But assures him that he on his side. As Tomo took his leave, he went past Eichuu's room, and saw that he was counting his savings.

The next morning Eichuu went back to the brothel and threw the money at the Okami. Reluctant on allowing the girl to which Eichuu had come to free go, she was futher persuaded with a sword. Eichuu was able to get her a job in the palace as servant girl, and her first task was to help serve drinks at the performance by the Gyougokuza. Even though she had handled a whine try many times, she was nervous, and spilled wine all over the emperor. But he didn't seem to mind, since she was so beautiful.

After the performance, she caught a glimpse of Nakago, and ran to him, and thanked him again for saving her so long ago. But he didn't seem to recall, and her heart was broken. But then as she was on the floor, Nakago said that thanking him once was enough. The fire in her heart was ignited again! but behind a pillar stood Eichuu, who had heard the whole thing...

Later that evening, Eichuu and Koyuu had gathered they worried about Nakago, and felt that he had become dangerous to the country. Koyuu had regrettable decided that they must take action and Kill Nakago. Eichuu, was more than thrilled to get his rival for the seat of the Shogun out of the way, and the one who held the heart of the woman he loved.Eichuu had taken the girl to his room, and confronted her about what happened with Nakago, and that she only used him to get to the palace. Unable to responded (since it was true more or less) He took advances on her, and started talking about how they were going to kill Nakago. But he quickly fell asleep on top of her. She lied there, and then noticed on her thigh a glowing mark. She was a Seiryu Seishi too "Soi" and it seemed she had the power to control men.She ran to Nakago's room, but stopped when she opened the door. Both Tomo and Nakago were in there, and it seemed like they were in another dimension. A scene played out, that happened many years ago. The slaughter of the Hin race, and the death of his mother. She stood there transfixed by the illusion.

The next day while Tomo was being assaulted by palace girls who were over thrilled to be in his presence he saw Soi, as they passed by one another, he asked if she had seen what had happened in Nakagos room. She stopped in her tracks. Tomo smirked and asked if she was in love with him? She began to tremble. And he told her that Nakago does not need her sympathy, only hate, violent hate-power. As he continued to ramble on, something came over Soi and she started talking back to him, (and with such attitude!) Tomo shrunk back, and she stomped off. Later she confronted Nakago, (with some new attire) and told him of the Koyuu's and Eichuu's plans, and that she too was a Seiryuu Seishi. There is another confrontation between Soi and Tomo, but its just some more verbal assaults.

Nakago and Taria

Nakago's flashback to Taria in the Hin Tribe

Some time later, Nakago was given orders to take care of an uprising that was happening in a village. This was Kyouu's and Eichuu's chance to rid themselves of the dangerous man. They took there army and left. Once Soi found out about this, she took a horse and rode as fast as she could to reach Nakago in time, as she ran and her emotions overflowed, Lightning clouds began to form and crackle. As Koyuu and Eichuu arrived at the village, they saw a lone Nakago standing by a blue lake. It was the Village of the Hin tribe, now in bare ruins. Thoughts of his mother and childhood friend came to him. He thought it would ave been better if he had just died with them. But since he was born a Seshi, his life was stained with tradage. A man born from a woman of the Hin race, and a man of Kutoh. the pain in his heart was to heavy to bear.

The Soldiers came close to Nakago, and Koyuu ws stunned, that Nakago's army was nowhere to be found. Nakago simply replied, that they have returned to the place and that he had plenty of power . Koyuu tried once again to see if the young man would change his mind about revenge, and would try to warm the hearts of Kutoh with him instead. But Nakago just stared into his eyes.Asking him if he had brought him here to finish off his tribe. Koyuu had hoped that bringing him here would help him remember how Innocent he was, but alas his final prayer did not reach the young mans now cold heart. Eichuu could no longer wait, and Screamed charge! But Koyuu had looked in shock! The soldiers swords that were to be pointing at Nakago was Pointing at him! Tomo appeared holding his shin, cast an illusion, that made Koyuu look like Nakago, and Nakago like Koyuu. Koyuu and Eichuu fought in a to death battle. Koyuu's tried to call out to the young man, but the magic that had been placed on them was to strong. The swords clashed violently, until Eichuu had been pierced through the stomach. As the soldiers went for Koyuu, he had screamed to stop. And challenged Nakago. Nakago was pleased to take the challenge, and felt that using Tomo's magic, was cheap and dirty. The two men fought in a violent struggle. Kyouu had said that there was still time to pull out, that he still had a heart, but then Nakago had sliced through Kyouu's armor. as that happened his mothers words had appeared in his heart. and Koyuu had then sliced through Nakago's armor. Just as this happened, Kyouu heard a voice, "Stop, Don't kill our son!" he closed his eyes, and then opened them to his sword that was unable to stop, and sliced through Nakago's armor, Nakago's eyes were now full of hate, as a string had fallen from his neck. Koyuu had looked at the fallen string in astonishment. It was a blue pearl ... "this boy is my son?" Kyouu thought to himself as images flooded his head, that his mother must have put it around his neck as she was dying, and hopes that he would one day see his father, but alas it was to late.

Nakago stood there shivering with anger, He had kept that pearl as a mark of his mothers love all these years, perhaps it was the only thing left of his heart. And he boiled with hatred of the man who so carelessly cut it off. As Nakago's body met with Kyouu's something had escaped his armor, a shine blue pearl of Seiran had shone beautifully, but it was to late, Nakago's sword had already pierced his chest. Kyouu had a look of relief on his face, and said it was best this way has Nakago stood paralyzed, his face lost of all emotion. Kyouu looked lovingly at his son as he took his last breath. None of the soldiers stood up to oppose him. Soi ran up to Nakago ago, her lips trembling. But Nakago said in the same tone that he always speaks to her "that thunder storm earlier was your power I see, but they still need to mature". Soi looked at him with tear filled eyes, promising to her heart that one day she will live up to his expectations.

As the party departed, over the blue lake a fog had appeared, and quickly engulfed the lake. but it was not the eyes that the Hin race had worshiped, but it took human form, a man with a cruel face, and long hair that seemed to reach the sky. Laughing, relishing in the events that took place, the hate that was growing in Nakago from not only killing his mother, but now his father as well, pledge to always be by his side, so that he will never be rid of his hate, and to use his powers to get revenge on the gods.


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