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"All right, lady. If you want to make a wish, simply say "Kaijin"."
—Seiyuu to Yui


Seiryuu , also known as blue dragon, is the azure dragon of the east who guards and protects the country of Kutou.

Seiryuu is the god of war, and is associated with spring, wood and the rain. In Asian mythology local dragons are seen as benevolent and are often associated with water.


Seiryuu materializes for the first time when Yui was devoured, he fights with Suzaku and is defended,and banished by tenkou

Priestess and the Seven Celestial warriors

Seiryuu's priestess is Miaka's best friend, Yui Hongo. Seiryuu first appeared when Yui summoned him. He appeared as a handsome man with blue hair. Seiryuu then later gradually devours
Seiryu human form

Seiryuu in human form

Yui by showing scales on Yui's body. When Yui was completely devoured, Seiryuu appeared as an azure dragon. Seiryuu was summoned while the Seiryuu warrior Miboshi was summoning his highest-level beasts, which caused the building rumbling. Seiryuu was summoned by the power of the Shinzaho.

The Wishes

  • Seal Suzaku away.
  • Return Miaka to the real world.
  • Give Miaka Yuki the power to summon Suzaku.


Seiryuu warrior manga

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