Shugyoku 7

Shugyoku Den (The Legend Of The Red Jewel) charts Tamahome's life alongside Miaka's, with various similarities being drawn between events in their lives and coincidences drawing them together before they meet. It also tells about Tamahome's childhood and his training by Tokaki.

Story Outline

Tamahome's life in the village is added to by his acquaintance with two other children, Fuka and Yuma, who are the forcedly adopted children of his neighbors. To begin with Tamahome and Yuma fight, and there is an ongoing rivalry as Yuma falls in love with Fuka and Fuka is determined to shape Tamahome up for his destiny. The trio head off to find work in a city, to raise money to support themselves, although Tamahome and Yuma turn it into a competition to see who is the best. In the process, they encounter Mimadou, a Kutou sorcerer who is killing young girls and who sets his sights on killing Tamahome by cutting a deal with Tamahome's newest employer. Wrapped up in all of this is the legend of a jewel which, if given from one person to another is meant to indicate eternal love, and Tamahome's complete inability to understand the heart of a woman. The cheesiness factor in this one is the meetings between Tama (or close encounters) and the other Seishi.

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