Episode 26: Star Festival

Hoshimi Matsuri no Yoru


Episode Guide

Love and sorrow


Tombstone Oath

Nuriko, Tasuki, and Miaka enjoy their time at the Star Festival. Miaka is reminded of Amiboshi's recent death and runs away from the festival to honor his death at the river nearby. Tamahome finds her there and tells her they need to talk. Miaka tells Tamahome that Taiitsukun said that she must abandon her love for Tamahome because in the end, their love cannot be. Tamahome is upset at Taiitsukun but runs away saying that after they've successfully called Suzaku he will make Miaka the happiest bride. The episode ends with Tamahome visiting his home village and tradegiously finding his family dead, slain by an unknown assasin.

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