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Suzaku (朱雀') is the vermillon bird of the south, the beast god assigned to protect and guard the kingdom of Konan. Next to Seiryuu, it is the last beast god to be summoned. Suzaku's main power is love, and it is explained in the series numerous times.


Suzaku's Priestess is Miaka Yūki, the main protagonist of the series.

Madoka Ootori is the young lady who is portrayed as His Priestess in Suzaku Ibun.

The Wishes

  • "I want Yui return now! Give my best friend back to me!"
  • "Seal off Seiryuu."
  • "Suzaku, save this world. Return it to normal."


Suzaku was first seen when Miaka was buying a drink at the national library, he took the form of a phoenix, according to Miaka. Then it led Miaka and Yui into the book.
Suzaku Seven group 1
Suzaku Human Form

Suzaku's Human Form

Suzaku reappeared in human form after Miaka summoned him in her world (even without the two shinzahos) during a battle between the Suzaku Seven and Nakago. After intially wishing that Suzaku be sealed away inside the Universe of the Four Gods, it was Yui's final wish from Seiryuu that Suzaku be summoned. After Miaka chanted the spell to summon Suzaku, he emerged from the sky in the form of a giant bird and attacked the giant dragon Seiryuu who had just devoured Yui and was causing havoc in the "real" world.

Fushigi yugi suzaku group
2nd OVA

Suzaku makes his next appearance, although he does not materialize, he only tells Miaka to 

regain the book in his voice.
Suzaku statue

Statue of Suzaku

He also appears in the last episode of the 2nd OVA, the four gods have gathered to banish Tenkou. Of all the Four Beast gods, he takes the lead and he alone talks to Tenkou.


3rd OVA

Lastly in the third OVA, a fake Suzaku appears. But Suzaku (real) is summoned by Mayo, and Miaka. Suzaku also uses Taka's body to defeat the fake Suzaku.

The Spell

Summoning Suzaku (Miaka)

The four palaces of the heavens

The four corners of the earth

In the name of sacred law, faith, and fortune

I summon Suzaku, guardian of the South

I hereby beseech you to appear on earth

From the palaces of the heavens

For the sake of those here who adore you

And await your presence

Come to us!

Destroy all of the evil which threatens us

And with your mighty power

Save us!

Save us and grant us our wishes

Descend to us now from the heavens above!

OVA 3 (Mayo And Miaka)

I summon all the great forces

of justice, faith, and goodwill

from the four corners of heaven and the four quarters of the earth

to call on you the divine, Suzaku

The Suzaku shrine in Eikoden shines after the fake is defeated.

We ask that you descend

from the seven constellations

to the earth, to protect us

and destroy all evil with your divine powers,

for the sake of the people who worship you.

we summon thee, save us, descend us from the heavens above! Suzaku!

The seven star warriors

The Seven Star Warriors are:



NURIKO    柳宿


TASUKI    翼宿



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