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"Suzaku Hi Den" ( ( 朱雀悲伝 )The Legend of Suzaku's Sorrow ) is a Fushigi Yuugi light novel by Yuu Watase and Megumi Nishizaki. This light novels tells about Hotohori and his lost brother's story, how a young lady named Houki changed their lives, and how Kounan lived before and during the Kounan-Kutou war.

This novel has not been officially licensed in English, but it has been given a fan translation in addition to most of the other novels. The most prominently known is by "Tetris No Miko" and can be found here.

Story Outline

Hotohori's mother and father had an older son who was entrusted to common folk to be raised because his mother was afraid of his fate in the harsh political climate of Kounan's imperial succession.

Tendo houki field

Tendo and Houki in Seirin Village.

This sacrifice is what made her strong and resolute where Hotohori was concerned, pushing for him to be Emperor. Tendou, Hotohori's birth brother, is also in love with Houki, who made herself known to Hotohori after Nuriko's death. It is basically a love triangle in which Houki chooses Hotohori, and risks her life against Tendou (possessed by the machinations of the evil harem manager, Gentokuin) to protect him from harm. In the end, Tendou is killed and Hotohori marries Houki.

This Light Novel also portrays Saihitei (Hotohori)'s crowning as emperor and his loneliness of knowing of and then losing an elder brother. There are also parts that detail the friendship between Nuriko and Houki as well as the impact his death had on Hotohori and Houki.



  • Chapter 1: Saihitei is Crowned
  • Chapter 2: Beautiful Maiden Hunting
  • Chapter 3: Harem Tragicomedy
  • Chapter 4: Nuriko Departs for the Front
  • Chapter 5: Kutou Invades
  • Chapter 6: Love Brought to Life
  • Chapter 7: Heaven and Hell
  • Chapter 8: Spirit of Malice
  • Chapter 9: Bloodline of Misfortune
  • Chapter 10: A New Determination

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