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Okay, This article has no serious content, but this article is used for stocking information about the Fushigi Yuugi simulation game Suzaku Ibun. Kagami no Miko information is included here, but it should be organized.

This is where we stock information, decide if it's true or important or not, make drafts, and such, as stated by Divinecross.

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I'll translate these tomorrow:

Das Spiel basiert teilweise auf dem Manga von Genbu Kaiden, allerdings mit drei neuen Charakteren. Es handelt sich dabei um das M�dchen Mariko Kobayashi, ihren Freund Takumi Mochitsuki und den 13-j�hrigen Shura, der allerdings schon in der Welt ist. Die Charaktere, die man bereits aus dem Manga kennt sind Takiko, Uruki, Tomite, Hikitsu und Shigi. Als Mariko sich eines Tages einen kleinen Handspiegel ansieht, landet sie irgendwie ebenfalls im Reich der vier G�tter. Dort trifft sie auf Shigi, der krank ist und um den sie sich dann k�mmert. Als Uruki und die anderen angreifen wollen, stellt Mariko sich vor Shigi und h�lt sie davon ab. Takiko m�chte Mariko aber zur�ck in ihre Welt schicken und Shigi schlie�t sich ihnen doch noch an. Soweit ich wei�, kann man in diesem Spiel mehrere Enden erreichen, da Mariko mit verschiedenen Charakteren zusammenkommen kann. Es gibt aber auch ein Kampfsystem. Das Opening "Towa no Hana" und das Ending "Cross" wurden von Chihiro Yonekura gesungen.

Das Spiel ist �hnlich aufgebaut wie das Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden Spiel. Mit dem Unterschied, dass man diesmal zwischen zwei Charakteren w�hlen kann, die man spielen m�chte. Einmal mit Madoka Ootori von den Suzaku Seishi und auf der anderen Seite der Seiryuu Seishi mit Misaki Himuro.

Im Grunde ist die Story diesselbe wie im Fushigi Yuugi Manga: Die beiden Freundinnen Madoka und Misaki werden in das Reich der vier G�tter gezogen. Um in ihre eigene Welt zur�ckkehren zu k�nnen, macht sich Madoka auf die Suche nach den sieben Suzaku Seishi. Ihre Freundin allerdings wird die H�terin des Seiryuu und Kutou plant einen Angriff auf Kounan. Da es eigentlich eine Art "Dating-Spiel" ist, geht es auch darum, mit wem man am Ende zusammenkommt - dabei liegt die Entscheidung allein beim Spieler! Man kann sogar den Tod einiger Charaktere, die im Manga gestorben sind, durch bestimmte Entscheidungen verhindern.


German to English translation:

The game is based in part on the manga by Genbu Kaiden, but with three new characters. It is at the girl Mariko Kobayashi, Takumi Mochitsuki her boyfriend and the 13 YEAR OLD Shura, which is however already in the world. The characters that we know already from the manga are Takiko, Uruki, tomite, Hikitsu and Shigi. Mariko than one day a small hand mirror sees, she somehow ends up also in the realm of the four G tter. There she meets Shigi who is sick and takes care to which they then k. As Uruki do and attack the other, is Mariko before Shigi and h lt it from doing so. M Takiko RIGHTS Mariko but to send in their world and ck Shigi close t to them but still on. As far as I know, you can do in this game, multiple endings, as Mariko can come together with different characters. There is also a combat system. The opening "Towa no Hana" and the Ending "Cross" were sung by Chihiro Yonekura.

The game is similar to Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden like the game. With the difference that this time you can CHOOSE between two characters to play mchte you. Once with the Suzaku Seishi Madoka Ootori of and on the other side of the Seiryuu Seishi with Misaki Himuro. Basically the story is the same as in Fushigi Yuugi Manga: The two friends Madoka Misaki and be drawn into the realm of the four gods. Revert To put in their own world, Madoka makes the search for the seven Suzaku Seishi. Her friend, however, the Hterin of Seiryuu and Kutou planning to attack Kounan. Because it's actually a kind of "dating game", it's also about who you come together at the end - ignore the decision rests solely with the players! You can even prevent the deaths of some characters who died in the manga, by certain decisions.

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Though it's not translated thoroughly, it's still useful.

it tells alot about the characters, but I e-mailed some sites providing informations and asked to give more. Suzaku Ibun is the one who needs less information, because we already know the story; it's the story of the series. Kagami no Miko , however, is very different.

This will be very,very,very hard.

Hey guys, It's abit long since I've updated. We're lacking information since I haven't got access on the good sites. I'm really sorry about that. I've been watching walkthroughs in YouTube but they're all in Japanese, so I can't understand. I'm still gonnna get out some information.

Hey again! I started watching the walkthroughs and couldn't stop "Kyaa!"-ing. It's very complicated, you can't write a specific story section in the article 'cause the story is different depending on which character you choose. However, I'll just write down what's essential and all.

Hey! I was thinking that Kagami no Miko's information will be much easier because it's older than Suzaku Ibun. Suzaku Ibun was just released in 2008 so not much information is leaked out. I found a bunch of sites with pretty good information that can help us, but I'll do it on my birthday.


Dropping It

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Hey, We're dropping it. I've watched enough videos and got that much screenshots, so it's done! But those free to add in information, they are welcome.

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