I don't agree with the wiki's skin and logo because it doesn't match the F.Y. wiki. I mean, it must match the wiki's theme of joy or any other colors that represent this wiki. The Violent Intent; One Who Covers Everything With Blood. 07:25, August 15, 2010 (UTC)

Rolo, if you're still there, I'm working on the skin, hang on.

Okay, I'm content with the skin, considering the fact that I didn't have to do anything (Lazy). I'm going to trouble myself in organizing the front page, trust me on this one. The Violent Intent; One Who Covers Everything With Blood. 03:00, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

Main Page

Umm, this is Saka♦♠○☺☻♥Suzuki, Rolo, (Divinecross told me to call you that) are you not satisfied with the main page? Do you think it's not that organized? It's the best main page Divinecross and I ever made. No need to trouble yourself.

Umm, Featured Image?

Umm, this is SakaSuzuki again, your vice-admin.

We need a featured image. (for next month). The format should be just like the Urumiya twins wallpaper backed with the Nuriko, Uruki, and Tasuki ad. Two featured images. Well, if anyone won't suggest one, I'll be the one to pick it out.

Remember to vote on the Featured Article Poll, okay?


Since it's supposed to be two, I'm suggesting some.

Naka child colorspread

Wedding-bells Aww, a cute one, Nakago. Mayo is out of place there, so here's an alternative. ĐίvίиΞ╚╚╔╩╦"ċṝʘŝŝ

Makan mura There! Both of them are colourspreads. Remember the two images should be the same size/px.


Okay, the both of them looks good. However, the one at the top should be the Makan Village colourpsread, and Nakago should be at the bottom.


It looks fine. But however remember that they should be the same size. Here's the new rules:

  • Voting for next month's images can only start the day after the first day of the month. For short, if two images are voted and selected and the vote is inactive for more than two weeks, it's done.
  • No duplicates and repetition when it comes to votes.



Okay, featured images are done now. The images change weekly, please note.



Hey, yo! This week's topic is the game, so... here are some!:

Rimudo takiko ending



and here. Romantic. Very!



I've remodelled it. Nice, and very unique. Hagasu.X.Teg

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