Welcome, in this place completely uncover the mirror of your heart and accept the Earth's spirit will..
— The Great Priestess of Ifurei, Shrine at Ifurei
The Great Priestess

The Great Priestess of Ifurei is a young girl who lives in a shrine at Mt. Ifurei. It was she who recommended Takiko and her party to see Oracle Anlu at the Legendary Stone Garden.

Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden


Tomite, Hatsui, and Takiko found a map, which was originally found by Hatsui. Since they do not know the locations of the other four celestial warriors, Hatsui suggests to go to Ifurei, where the 'Great Priestess' is.

When they arrive at the place, the door is closed and two maidens say that The Great Priestess is not taking requests this night. Takiko pleads, so the two maidens take her to the great priestess, who , in her wonder, was a young girl who lives with two maidens. When The starts to speak that Takiko's group is the Genbu Warriors, Tomite charges an attack, but the great priestess calms him down.

Takiko asks the great priestess for the locations of the other four, but the great priestess says that she won't be sure if Takiko will see it. The great priestess gives her the Legend Origin Stone as she is able to see Uruki's whereabouts and actions in the Kutou camp. Since she is a spirit, she can't touch Uruki, but Uruki can see and touch Takiko, much to her surprise. Uruki tells her "wait".

Takiko shouts to Uruki not to go, but she only finds herself back in the great priestess's room who tells her that their pursuers are close. The great priestess tells them to go and she will handle it. Outside, Hien and Shigi are asking for an "audience' to the Great Priestess. When the two arrive at her room, the great priestess looks at Shigi's face and says she cannot grant them an audience. Shigi then asks her to at least treat his wound, since it's getting worse. Blood can be seen down Hien's cheek, and the two maidens who are with the great priestess are slain by her. Shigi shouts for her to give them the location of the Celestial Warriors and the Priestess. The great priestess says that Takiko is heading for the Legendary Stone Garden. Hien dissapproves of this, but Hien tells Shigi that the high priestess can't lie. Satisfied, Shigi thanks her and she tells them that "she will definitely summon Genbu". Shigi, angry, stabs Anlu and states that he will not let Genbu be summoned. Hien and Shigi leaves.


The great priestess accepted her death as her fate for daring to say a lie (i.e telling Shigi and Hien that Takiko is heading for the Legendary Stone Garden when in fact, she was still in the shrine), commenting that her punishment was less painful than she imagined it would be because she knew it was for something good.


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