The Legend Unfolds (Shin'wa Kaigen 神話開玄) is the first episode of Eikoden.


It has been three years since Miaka's journey into "The Universe of the Four Gods." She and Taka (Tamahome's reincarnation) are married, and Taka coaches a girls basketball team. One of the team members, Mayo Sakaki, has a crush on him and is depressed to find out he is married. After hearing that Miaka is three months pregnant, Mayo opens the "Universe of the Four Gods" and is sucked into it. When Mayo goes into the book, Miaka faints. At the hospital, the couple learns that their baby has vanished from Miaka's womb and she is no longer pregnant. Taka goes into the book to rescue Mayo. In the book world, ten years have passed and the world is deteriorating. He quickly finds Chichiri and Tasuki, but the three are pulled into a battle with an evil being disguised as Genbu. They are able to defeat it, though Taka gets hurt in the process. Taiitsukun arrives and explains that they must find the remaining Suzaku Seven, who have all been reborn.

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