Title: The Seven Stars of Suzaku (Suzaku no sichisei)

Opening theme: Itooshii Hito no Tame nii

Ending theme:Tokimeki no Doukasen

Miaka dreams about her big brother Keisuke Yuuki , but she wakes up and finds Tamahome instead. Tamahome then says that he's not her big brother but she can pretend that Tamahome is her big brother if she likes. He's checking on her because Hotohori is worried that she's sad. Tamahome tells her that with the power of Suzaku, she can go home. This puts Miaka into action. Hotohori explains that there are seven constellations in the south that belong to Suzaku, and the names of the constellations appear on the bodies of seven people. When all seven are gathered together, the priestess will gain the power of Suzaku. The finest warriors in the kingdom were gathered

and Miaka tries to provoke them, thinking that the Suzaku Seven would not try to harm her, but the warriors all chase her and make a building fall down around her. Back in the real world, Yui notices and sees blood on her leg. Tamahome has shielded Miaka from most of the rubble, but her leg was injured. Tamahome struggles to keep the building from falling on them both, and nearly crushed, until one of the royal consorts quickly digs them out. She is one of the Suzaku Seven, Nuriko.  She say
Nuriko mummy atamahome -756 5086y=

Nuriko mummified Tamahome and Tamahome tries to escape Nuriko.

s she really wanted to save Tamahome, and it's fine for her even if Miaka was injured. Nuriko gives Tamahome

a kiss. Miaka then washes her clothes and thinks about how to make friends with Nuriko, as she needs her to get home, and in order to do that, she must gain the power of Suzaku, with the Seven stars of Suzaku. Tamahome then barges in, hoping and struggling to hide from Nuriko and escape her . Miaka decides to serve as Nuriko's maid, and Nuriko makes her tasks difficult, and flirts with Tamahome in front of her. Later that day, Tamahome escapes from Nuriko and finds Miaka, she is depressed and confused about Nuriko and there possible relationship. Tamahome then tends to Miaka's leg.

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