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If you are referring to the book itself, please go to The Universe of the Four Gods.

"......Sairou's administration is constantly changing, Kounan's land is much too small and besides, the government there is too lenient in terms of its regulations. Both are too unstable for taking in such a large amount of citizens at once."
—Temudan Rowun

The Universe of the Four Gods is the world where Miaka and Yui were transported, written by Takiko Okuda's father, Einosuke Okuda. while the only first priestess is Okuda Takiko who opens the book and became the first Priestess of Genbu.


  • Hokkan, a cold, snow-filled nation to the north, worships Genbu. Genbu was summoned two hundred years ago (in the book) by Takiko Okuda. At the time, Genbu was considered a curse and feared by his people. Takiko was the first priestess to enter the Universe of the Four Gods and her necklace, a gift from the prophet Anlu, becomes a Shinzaho necessary for future priestesses to have in summoning their respective gods. The country seems to be patterned after Russian ambiance.
  • Sairou, a mountainous, desert region to the west, worships Byakko. Byakko was summoned ninety years ago by Suzuno Osugi. Suzuno was the second priestess to enter the Universe of the Four Gods. A mirror she held during her summoning ceremony becomes another Shinzaho. Even though Byakko was called to service more than a century later, Suzuno was eight years old when Takiko left to summon Genbu. Time in the book of the Universe of the Four Gods flows faster than the 'real world'. Sairou bears great resemblance with Persian and Arabian countries.
  • Kutou, marred with a history of battle and invasion, lies to the east and worships Seiryuu. Seiryu was the third god to be summoned. He was brought forth by Yui Hongo. Yui enters the book at the same time as Miaka, Priestess of Suzaku. Her Shinzaho is the teardrop earring she wore during the summoning ceremony. Kutou seems to be patterned after Greek ambiance.
  • Konan, a forested, green country to the south, worships Suzaku. Suzaku was the last of the beast gods to be summoned. He was brought forth by Miaka Yuki. Miaka's Shinzaho is revealed in Fushigi Yuugi Eikoden as her and Taka's unborn child. The country is designed after China.

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