As told by Houki

There was a noble-blooded who had a younger brother a year younger and developed a relationship with a girl.

Imperial carriages stopped by, saying they needed women in the harem of the palace. The woman got in the carriage, and the man held out his hand and said, "come on, let's change this world together." But the girl refused and rode on with the carriage. There the emperor stood, and the man explained that he had a brother one year older than him and they were fighting for the throne . The emperor quickly understood, and recognized the man as his older brother, Tendo. The girl still refused to stay.

"Soon I witnessed the night of misfortune when Tamahome and the emperor crossed swords as well as when Miaka used her love to cure Tamahome from the poisonous drug. I made a promise and vow to myself that I will never leave the emperor's side, even if it costs me my life. "

Soon the man resolved to get me back, and pointed his sword at the emperor, but I took hold of the sword and said, "Kill me if it will end your bitter hatred. Just promise me one thing. Do not harm his highness."

Tendo asked me why I chose Hotohori over him, and soon a fortune teller arrived and urged Tendo to strike, and says that if Tendo would not strike, he will.

The man striked Tendo, and the man shouted that he alone will rule the world, as the emperor pierces him on the back quietly. When we got rid of the man, we looked at the hopeless Tendo, saying our last words, and we witness his death.